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Full Version: [Willow Cove] Cliffside - description request
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Description Type: multi-room / general

Sector Type: rocky

Surrounding Areas:
The Deadwood(forest);
Beacon Point(POI); Haven Lighthouse(POI); Keeper's Wharf(POI);
Throne of the Bay King(POI); Sea Witch's Hollow(POI)

[Image: Jop0McR.png]

  • The Deadwood:  An unnaturally still wooded area associated with Arkwright Cemetery that most animals avoid.  The wood separates the cemetery from the seaside and is associated with spirits who are said to get lost on their way to a ship that ferries them to the after-world.
  • Beacon Point: This is the outcropping of rock that Haven Lighthouse and Keeper's Wharf is built on.
  • Haven Lighthouse: The most widely recognizable and tallest structure in Haven.  It was constructed shortly after founding Haven.  It predates the clock-tower and all current structures aside from the Lodge.
  • Keeper's Wharf: It's considered to be an accessory structure associated with Haven's Lighthouse and is maintained as a historical landmark.  It predates the founding of Haven.
  • Throne of the Bay King: A stature of a manlike frog creature seated on a throne.  It resides inside of a natural cave within Willow Cove and is said to predate the founding of Haven.
  • Sea Witch's Hollow: A natural depression in the cliff-side housing a ring of standing stones and a central slab.  It predates the founding of Haven.
  • Willow Cove: A naturally formed brown sand beach surrounded by steep cliff-sides which can't be scaled without vertical climbing.  It is maintained by the Haven Historical Society.  Swimming is at own risk.  Disappearances are not unheard of, but uncommon.  Compared to other beaches, it is cleaner and safer than Underlook Beach, but dirtier and less safe than Sydney Beach.  It represents the old world and Haven's distant past.  Elderly residents of Haven view the area with wistfulness and deference.  Parents view the area with wariness and caution.  Young adults view the area as mysterious.  It has a sense of danger due to the unrefined surroundings and remoteness.  It's accessible only by foot or shallow boat.