Embracing Fear vs. Masculinity

I see echoes of this in Haven and the frequent unwillingness, or resistance of some players to roleplay fear and vulnerability — which hinders horror and collaborative play, being an essential component of both in this setting.

Worth a watch IMO, and also a share with men you know who may be at risk of suicide, as they are disproportionately victims of it, which I think this has a lot to do with cultural expectations.
The problem I always run into is that when I go forth to design a character I want to play, I have this tendency to make them a stoic badass and while that may be neat for certain kinds of scenes, esp when it comes to freaking other characters out, it leaves me woefully poorly prepared to allow others to see my characters in fearful or vulnerable states. It's something I recognize I'm awful at and need to work at. Meanwhile I apologize to everyone who finds my characters lame.

You also asked in another thread about why cis dudes play so many females and I'd argue this is part of it. When you're playing a guy it's easy to feel like you have to live up to a lot of social expectations in terms of apparent toughness while female characters get a lot more flexibility.

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