Stealing Wiki Templates
Guys, can you not?

I appreciate that editing templates can be hard work for the uninitiated, but changing up some fonts and colours here and there doesn't entitle you to use someone else's wiki template and then falsely claim credit for their work.

This template wasn't created by Russell, it was created by Olivia (who played Emily Mercer at the time) — originally, I believe, for William Cleary. In fact here's the comment on the code of the original:

Template by Emily. Merry Christmas, pof William Tongue
CSS tabs courtesy of

Which appears to have been changed to this when she agreed that anyone could now use it:

Snagged, please don't hate me pof Willy!
CSS tabs courtesy of

Now I appreciate that Olivia's a modest and generous enough person that she doesn't appear to care that over time her template's undergone several morphs and touch-ups, most recently I believe by Ambrose Ives to make the page-width adjustable after the last time Disco changed that. I'm confident that if she did care she would've said something herself or edited in a more obvious line of self-credit, and I know she did give permission for other people to use it any way they like.

But when you start giving permission for other people to use 'your' slightly modified version and slap a false line of credit on it that says 'Made by Russell', I think you've crossed a line.

So whether this was the Player of Russell's doing, or just Hannah and Jennifer's good intentions gone awry, wanting to credit someone without realising he didn't actually make what they're using — can you not? Thanks.

It's a nice template. The font changes have arguably made it nicer still in terms of suitability for the characters using them. Stealing credit, though, is never nice. Let's not abuse a creative person's good faith like that.
It's a Blackfield theme for Blackfield folks. There's no line to be crossed. Russell is the guy who modified the template to its current state and is maintaining it in its current state; and furthermore he's offering assistance for those who want to use it in the current state: the state he edited it to be.

I swear, this is the ugliest misconception. Nothing has been stolen, and a creative person's good faith isn't being abused. It's pretty HTML for fake people on a text game. Nonsensical nonissue.

I apologize for any confusion here and definitely didn't mean to steal anyone's work or credit. I definitely did not create the template; I took a template that I had seen used before by multiple people, edited it to be more page size-friendly, and made a few changes that took a little while's worth of work and trial-and-error to get set. I did this once for tpb Ambrose, and then I did some more edits for a Blackfield-esque theme for Russell.

Given that editing it took a long while, and I had another player express interest in the template, I offered to help them get set up with it. Another player expressed interest, so I added the line about 'contacting for help' to the bottom of mine.

I've changed the lines on each of the players' wiki pages to ensure nobody further gets the wrong idea, and if Olivia would like me to not use the template, I'd be more than willing to chuck it.

Edit to add: there also wasn't any credit in the template I used as my starting point to build Ambrose's page for the player. Not that I'm using that as an excuse for 'claiming credit,' but rather as a reason why I didn't put credit in mine. But that's been rectified now!
This wiki is not a particularly difficult layout - it uses free code from the web to make the most difficult part of it. This isn't p.of Briar and her spectacular graphic designed layouts like the one for the Samaritans or Briar itself. It's a lovely layout - but it's a generic layout.

If you don't want people to "steal" (though I hardly consider it stealing because there are only so many layouts in the world) your layouts on the wiki, I encourage you all to make more complex layouts that are heavily personalised to the point it'd be obvious it's taken from a unique layout. Otherwise, let's just agree to share.
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Additionally, copying and learning from other wikipages is to be encouraged. There is no need to credit other users for templates they created. If they do not wish to share, they can lock the pages by setting a password. However, the wiki is a community project. It is not a personal showcase.

Passwords can be set, per pmwiki directions, by adding ?action=attr to the end of any page.
I would say some things here but I'm trying to be nicer on the forums for the sake of a less toxic community, please join me in that effort and as Daed used to say before we ruined his time here with our pettiness, be excellent to each other. Thank you Olivia and Russell for both of your hard work.
(03-28-2018, 09:09 AM)Discordance Wrote: Additionally, copying and learning from other wikipages is to be encouraged. There is no need to credit other users for templates they created.  If they do not wish to share, they can lock the pages by setting a password.  However, the wiki is a community project.  It is not a personal showcase.

The issue wasn't a failure to give due credit to the person who made the template, nor an unwillingness to share. Olivia never asked anyone for any credit. She's a humble sort. She made a template and let other people use it without ever bothering to stick her name on it anywhere, as evidenced by the confusion surrounding its origin.

The issue was the template she created for others to use was then claimed as the work of someone else, who either openly slapped their own name on it (a lie) or allowed others to slap their name on it. That's cheeky. If the wiki is a community project and not a personal showcase, then there's no need to personally showcase other people's work for the community as your own design. It says a lot, in fact, that Olivia never stepped up to claim credit, but that others did step up to claim credit for something she made, in her place and in her absence.

[Image: lQ90KW9.png]
[Image: Tqa4ciN.png]

Perhaps this person did not intend for that to happen, and so it's big of them to apologise and delete the line of credit. Evidently their fans did not take note, however.

I would let this go, but given continued snark on the matter lingering at the bottom of Hannah's page, it seems clarification is still needed. So as you were, gents.
there's no snark, just a little fun. It's a game, enjoy yourselves. The credit line was on my page in the first place because I never saw this template anywhere but Russell's page. Since my Wiki was the only one that worked on all formats, Paul and Jess copied over my HTML before Russell and I got around to hotfixing his own, thus placing the credited line on theirs also. I have since credited Olivia and for their contributions. I imagine Olivia, the pure bean and amazing soul, is excited that people loved the template she used and are, too, using it. If we were all as wholesome to one another as Olivia is to her own beloved friends, we could learn to coexist in a way that would benefit everyone involved. Love you, Kestrel!~

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