These are not quotes, just stuff I seen or read:

"A shitty game for shitty people."
"A very toxic player base."
"A game where people determine whose the biggest asshole."

I have thought a lot about things stated about Haven and its playerbase. And perhaps I had an epiphany. 

You know what? It's not true. Instead I think these players are probably the best and coolest people. Take Kestrel, I have read the stuff she has posted about me. Pretty sure she hates me with a capital H. Yet she treats me very humanely. She usually has characters that can instagib me with a blink of her eyes. Instead she is very decent to me. So has everyone, and I know a good portion do hate me. Yet they treat me with respect. That's more then I could ask out of them. Thus I don't think this thing about the players being toxic. Because I'm pretty sure I'd be smack down by the majority of them if they wanted. What do I have? A T2 sometimes barely a T3. And these people have T3/4 and they still treat me right when they don't have to and are not obligated to do so. And so I thank each and everyone of the players in Haven. You are all great people. If you treat someone you hate so humanely, then by extension they are not really as 'toxic' as people believe. And I appreciate the RP you all have provided. Many thanks for putting up with me, even when you despise me.

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