Real world news worthy of a horror plot
I just read this article

Can you imagine being coerced into a small dark space with 70 other people packed tight like sardines. The door locks and you feel the air getting thinner and hotter. As the combination of the warm summer sun and the tightly packed bodies threaten you with heatstroke you suffocate to death over a period of three hours. By the time the doors once again open the bodies are already partially decomposed.

What would it be like opening those doors? What would one of those people be like if they turned into a ghost or undead?
Unrelated but related: Mister Babadook. It takes something real like Grief, and turns into a real horror.

This made me want to hide under the bed.

Epilogue can be found detailed in this highlighted comment.
I'd love to see more rambling insane journals in Haven.

"A skull-like asteroid that passed Earth in October 2015 is coming back for another visit in early November. Officially named 2015 TB145, the asteroid has been called The Great Pumpkin by NASA because of its Halloween flyby three years ago.

2015 TB145 has also been described as a “death comet” because it’s believed to be a dead comet and because of its skull shape, which was picked up on radar images from the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico"

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