Please don't blame the people who spoke out against the games for ending them early. It was my decision to put the poll up. It's on me. Those who did criticize the games, don't feel bad. I'll do my best to do better next time.
(10-30-2018, 01:56 AM)Salvation Wrote: I don't know you, Ama86, but I was disappointed, like Amatsuka was and like Quartz was, and SubtleBeast, and anyone else who was enjoying the games. I was relying on having a few more days to continue playing, but because people upset Daed, we lost that chance -- and who knows if he'll want to do other things for us later.

First of all although I didn't quote that section, your part about you quietly asking to go back to the grid, IMO, was the correct response and should have been the way people acted in Haven High and Sanctuary. That's just my opinion. 

Obviously, District One wasn't off grid, so that wasn't an option. 

I'd just like to clarify - I wasn't particularly enjoying District One, at all. It was interesting, but it didn't click for me. The ending was a lot of fun, but the whole 'take the PVP nature of Haven that already exists and up it to 11' didn't really do it for me. I found if I started a scene, someone would bust in and fuck me up because I'm not particularly great at combat for the most part. So, scene's over. 

Now since I'm a total hypocrite I admit outright that I /also/ interrupted other people's scenes during District One and fuck did I get an earful for that. 

My whole thing was more that I'm tired of people shitting on something in an OOC way before it's even done. OOC the channel is a toxic place. It really is. I know it's a reward, it can be very entertaining, it can be cool to see Daed just chit chatting and nerding out about Superman or whatever, but it also can be soul crushing. 

There's always someone who complains either on OOC or on the boards about something currently happening and it's fucking discouraging. Now, I totally have been guilty of this in the past, I arguably am guilty of this recently even (I'm going to post a separate thread here in a second about that), but just because I'm a piece of shit too doesn't mean that doing this kind of stuff isn't shitty behavior. 

For example, I ran a -24 hour- horror musical/dream belief scheme a month or two back and the bitching I heard on Discord, in tells, on OOC... I never will do another one that's musically themed. Yet a (very select) few loved it and had a good time and had some pretty great scenes. 

Now I'm not defending that scheme. I knew it was going to be hit or miss, it's why I made it 24 hours. But I guess the way I got discouraged by people who were bitching about something that literally would have no long term impact on them, I related to how I felt with Ama86's post about RCG-District One/the RCGs in general. 

My character roamed around a lot in District One. There were a lot of fucking details and little mentions, entire areas - some of which most people probably never would bother with - were described in this future. It was clearly something 1) A lot of people were enjoying, even though I wasn't particularly and 2) Daed busted his ass on and 3) It was only going to go on a few more days and would have no long term damage or negative impact on anyone's character, other than the psychological damage that was probably already inflicted by the time of Ama86's post. 

So here's what I'm saying.

When something's going on, be quiet and wait. Let whoever, Daed, a scheme runner, a storyrunner, etc. play out their thing. When it has reached a resolution, not DURING it, send some feedback, preferably feedback that isn't 'that fucking sucked, kill yourself, delete, etc.' Try something constructive. That's not to say Ama86's post wasn't constructive either. Ama86's post if it had been written on 11/01, totally appropriate IMO.

The reason I feel this way is mainly because we're not, afaik, supposed to try to influence currently happening things by pressuring a player OOCly. For me, when I heard all those people bitching about my scheme, I wanted the ability to terminate my own scheme, that's how frustrated and discouraged I was. Daed says he wasn't affected by the criticism, fair enough. Daed probably deals with it more than the average Haven player. But I know others, including myself, have made some comment mid-scene, mid-scheme, mid-plot, etc. and it fucks up the momentum and can be really discouraging. I don't think most of us get off on making other PLAYERS (not characters), uncomfortable, upset, angry, etc., so hearing that while you're in the middle of it, can be very disruptive and discouraging.

Anyway that's all I got.
I was certainly affected by the criticism, trust me. I was just more angry and disappointed at myself than I was the critics. I did do massive area descriptions that I hope people got to explore during District 1.
I hate that it made you feel that way, Daed. Big, experimental stuff like that isn't ever going to please everyone. However, I bet the majority of even the people who voted for the early ending to District 1 were glad that you are trying new, exciting things and hope that you continue to do so.
It's always going to be infinitely better to have experimental events that not everyone may like, versus having none at all.

Wasn't going to post. But I suppose I did a lot of moving and I think I saw almost every detail written in the grid. And it was great. Even off into the bluffs where the ocean was now red hot magma. There was all sorts of great descriptions all over. And it was really cool. Seeing all those descriptions.

What you did? At least to me, it was insanely good. And yes, I was killed more times then I can count. But it was pretty fun. When it ended... I was like: what the hell? It just did. I thought, and this is only my opinion, that District 1 was  impressive. And while I understand the disjointed thing that came from all those memories, it was still cool. And I thought it was enjoyable. In fact I was actually under the impression that everyone enjoyed it. Until I read the actual threads. Ah well. It happens. Sometimes you can't make everyone happy. But I know I enjoyed it a ton and it was worth going through them. I know that don't mean much from me but kudos man.

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