Where are you from?
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Kestrel thought I was from the south or mid-west.  I'm actually a northerner from roller coasters and boats.

Originally from Middle Earth (aka New Zealand) currently avoiding everything deadly in Spider-land (aka Australia).

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American version of Australia/NZ map for context.
Lighthouses and beaches, except my state isn't on that map, probably because Maine is secretly part of Canada.
I play evil things. You get over it eventually.
Erwin Rommel Wrote:“One must not judge everyone in the world by his qualities as a soldier: otherwise we should have no civilization.”
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"The day our glorious collective decides that being decent is as important as being competent (as they often go hand in hand), I'm sure several people will decide that the forums are suddenly a much more welcoming place to share ideas." - Dev
I'm from Middle Earth (see Quartz's map above), on the southwest outskirts of Rivendell.

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Here. Have a thing.

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More specifically...

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