After a bout of negative feedback putting the final nail in the coffin, I think I may be finally done with Haven. The last few months, I've been slowly playing less and less, not to mention I've been pulling crazy overtime every week at work for the last month/month and a half due to our team being short staffed. I just can't juggle 50 hour weeks, with my new found sleep problems, and expect to be able to put in the required hours to keep people from apparently bashing me over the head and saying I do nothing but 'home rp' these days. Yes, I am bitter at you, feedback person. You don't know anything about my life and my RP, and you venting your ignorance on me about my life isn't sitting well with me. And don't think I don't ACTUALLY know who you are.

That being said, there's a sleeve's list of reasons beyond that which inspired this decision. The lack of storyline movement would be probably another good reason. The fact that I've perpetually been in the role of a support/background role with very few actual opportunities to be high tier because of the lame ass karma system and how I refuse to kowtow and push bullshit stories as a storyrunner nonstop. I find zero appeal in trying to push story onto others or worm my way into their story by force. Add in a pinch of staleness, the shit ton of bugs that get ignored, the lack of balance in the game world, and you get someone that's generally bitter at his experience as a whole and just ready to throw in the towel.

All that being said, I'm throwing in the towel, at least for now. I need a break from it all. Will I come back? Maybe. One step at a time. For now, this is what I need.

No, this is not a thread where I want people pointing fingers, or bashing the way things are. This is just a retirement announcement. That is all.
I randomly decided I'm going to put my two cents after years of ignoring 90 percent of OOC, including this Forum. Don't make me regret it.
farewell silver have a good life
Enjoy the game,

Leah the Newbie Helper

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