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Abel Zap Price

Abel Xaph Price

Who Is He?

Name: Abel Xaph Price
Age: 25
Archetype: Demonborn
Society: The Blackfield Institute
Association: The Chosen
Occupation: Intern (Nurse)
What's He Like?


Mr. Price is a full-time underachiever whether intentionally or not. Throughout his life he has been provided any and every tool necessary to thrive and succeed but often falls just short of his goals, over and over again. He gets small bursts of focus and buckles down but often gives up when things become 'too much work' to be bothered with.

Modern Hedonist

Does it make him feel good and comes in the form of minimum effort to obtain? Abel wants it. Whether it is drugs, sex, money or success he will seek it out and covet it as long as he doesn't have to try too hard.

Breathe It In

Thanks to his reluctant nature to perform he seeks out the pain and suffering of others in places he might naturally find them. Hospitals, rehabilitation centers, seedy parts of town. He can't help but find the most deprived places in hopes of finding a new source of pleasure to bask in.


Abel is no stranger to sin and he often gravitates to places where he can find like minded individuals to indulge in these cravings or those who he could be a nuisance to on the opposite end of the spectrum. He embraces his heritage fondly and holds a deeper guilt for not being one of the many 'Great Demonic Entities' like his ancestors once were.


What They Say:

Abel Zap Price

“I'm the Black Panther of Drunk Driving. I never crash”

Said Moments Before Passing Out In His Car

Abel 'Zap' Price

Lorna Kitten Dunn

“Thanks for the smoke, I'll be sure and find you again.”

Lorna "Kitten" Dunn

Mackenzie Holman

“I hope you get stepped on, cunt puppy.”


Sua Swann

“Best random text I've received since arriving in Haven. 9/10 for originality, creepy bathroom escaping skills 5/10, room for improvement.”

Sua Swann

Jei Ab Sevoi

“I'm still composing the love poetry letter.”


Tanya Strelchenko

“I swung.”


Naur of Navvere

*questioning everything she believes in after one meeting with Abel*

Naur of Navvere

Levi Laine

“So now... I just can't help but think to myself... If I'm already being condemned for doing something. Being something... Well then I may as well just fucking do it, right?”

A Child of Hell

Alfred Turner

“Thanks for your help in the library! I guess knowing how to sew helps with books as well as bodies!”


Spring Paxton

“Cat got your tongue, babycakes? You unfortunate thing.”


River Ayers

“Ya always willing ta hear me out. Ain't many folks that are.”



“Our dysfunctional family keeps growing, and I don't know what I would without bAbe to help keep it glued together.”