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Adam Hikmet

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Adam Hikmet

A supernatural world

Adam was born and raised within the supernatural world, always aware of if hidden to most... or, at least, aware of the Hattusan perspective of things.

The road to Haven

After the Hattusan Pact managed to call upon Hatti to resurface - a ritual that cost Adam father's life - the young boy was summoned by the God himself to come to Haven. For what purpose, God only knows.

OOC: Antagonism preferences

Adam will probably be antagonized quite more often than being the antagonist.

I'm OK with any forms of antagonistic actions, with the obvious (and common) caveats: please don't gank squad my antagonists, don't lock him up to throw the keys away and stop Adam from being able to RP (clinic is fine).

I personally enjoy and prefer story-building, high-RP scenes. There's nothing wrong with putting combat code to good use, but the psychological build up to trauma is more interesting to me than the resulting scene (torture, etc.). I more than welcome the use of your powers, however. Rituals, brainwashing, curses... they exist to be used, and I don't mind about concept-altering or permanent consequences to my characters (I will just enjoy them the most if they come with RP/story attached).

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