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Adeline Horne

Adeline Horne

Proprietor of Plants, Potions & Extraordinary Curios. This 20something year old woman is rarely without her mask. And as strangely dressed as she often is, her shop is no less so in its wares. A maze of shelves, the shop signs rarely match up to what is down each aisle, and yet... those that come searching always seem to find just what they are looking for. While some might consider her and her potions wacky, there are others that swear by them.

The Last 12 Months

Up until very recently Adeline was one of the invisible, the homeless, tucking down to sleep in a car, on a park bench, or really anywhere she could keep dry and warm. She may have been more notable than most with her firey mask, and some might remember seeing her trying to hawk wares on the side of the road to bring in some cash.

And Now?

There's all sorts of rumors in both the homeless and supernatural community about how Adeline turned her fortune around. Everything from the weird, to the mundane. Some say she won some money on the scratchies. Others say she found an envelope of cash in a park bin, when rummaging for food. However she came into it, it was enough to set her up with a shop on the outskirts of town, and give her a trailer to sleep in. It's not much, but to her, it's a luxury.


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