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Aelita Warren

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Aelita Warren


Gender: Female
Birth Date: August 15th, 1996
Race: African/Caucasian
Occupation: Unemployed
Theme Song: Eyes Wide Open

Supernatural Outlook

Noteworthy Ability
Noteworthy Ability


"The Bastard Warren", "The Salem Reject", yeah I'm used to shit like that. What I'm not used to is the rest of Haven, not anymore. After spending a few years away at college and coming back, I'm not too thrilled about Haven as a whole. Sure it has its good points, but you don't want to get caught in a dark alley on the wrong night.

More About Me

I'm blood related to both the Joseph Warren who died at the battle of Bunker hill, and the very same Mary warren who once was the biggest accuser during the Salem Witch Trials, and later fell victim to an accusation herself. God those were dipshit times in American history. If a person even got accused the town attempted murder, and that was the trial. If you died they pronounced you innocent and if you lived they killed you anyway for being guilty. That makes as much sense as electing a man who can't spell "coffee" for president. Oh wait. We did. #NeverTrumperForLife

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