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Aideen Kavanaugh

Name: Aideen Kavanaugh

Archetype: Werewolf

Faction: The Hand

Occupation: Owner and Head Baker of Big Bite Bakery

Theme Song: Rock It For Me


+What I'm Doing in Haven+

After being wounded in a street fight that involved her pack in NYC, Aideen left her role as Alpha to allow a more able bodied wolf to take over. After exploring for a bit to attempt to find someone who could help her, all signs pointed to Haven as the place to be to overcome this crippling injury.

+Where I fit in a Supernatural World+

A Peacemaker for The Hand and a former Alpha of a wolf pack. Aideen comes from a fairly well respected line of wolves, or at least respected around New York, and takes that burden and respect seriously.

+How I Cope with the Lurking Horrors+

She typically handles the horrors by being one of the horrors, but other than that she does very genuinely enjoy baking.

RP Hooks

ø Bake Life - She, proudly so, is a damned fine baker. Need a fancy cake or just a really good doughnut? She's the gal to see.

ø Drugs Not Hugs - While she's kind of a bitch, she also deals with edibles. She's been known to make things for specific purposes if asked and, of course, for a price.

ø Proud Wolf - She takes a lot of pride in her bloodline and her nature. If you need a mentor, or even are just another wolf, seek her out.

ø No Sympathy Required - She's open about her injury, but requires no sympathy. Doctors can of course come knocking, but vampires should expect hostility, as a vampire caused it.

Supernatural Outlook

ø Connections and Blackmail - She's quite adept at making connections through charisma or blackmail and, ultimately, sometimes violence.

ø Down to Earth - Be it an innate connection with animals or the vigor to commit violent eco terrorist acts, she's got it.


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