• The term shit slides down hill rings all too true in regards to dear, Aiden Smith the third. He was exposed to both extremes of life often times simultaneously. Mister Smith is very reluctant to share information about his home life to others including his therapists. He also seems to avoid cementing lasting relationships with others either through his own maladaptive behaviour or his ineptitute to socialize in civilized manner. Aiden grew up most of his life in a trailer park with his Mother, Father and two older brothers. Their home was not luxurious nor was the neighborhood around it, mostly consisting of thick swaths of trees. East Hampton, certainly wasn't what people were led to believe it was on television. After the fire that raged through the Smith families trailer park and the subsequent deaths of Aiden's family he was adopted by his grandfather and moved to New York, New York.

    While Aiden's past seems to have always been a checkered one from such a young age, he excelled in his schooling right up until the fire - where he seemed to fall off the face of the earth. During his time in New York he could have been considered a truent student or even just a flat out drop out - what with the arrest and incarceration of his grandfather and a court decision deciding the fate of the boy, he was sent to the Blackfield Institute.

    What is known about Aiden Smith is that he had a blossoming criminal record going for him that consists mostly of violent crimes. There is the ocassional petty theft charge here and there but even theft seemed to evolve into bigger and more violent charges - grand theft auto, armed robbery, etc. Surprisingly, Aiden Smith was never found with possession of these items after each event so he either pawned them off or was just associating with the individuals who obtained the stolen goods.

  • "Tragedies? What do you want me to fucking cry about it?"

  • Name: Aiden 'Wut' Smith III
    Intro: A fit blond youth with resting bitch face
    Birthdate: November 1st, 2002
    Age: 16
    Archetype: Visitor
    School: Blackfield Technical Institute
    Occupation: Stage 2 Advanced
         Blackfield Academy Student

  • Renegade

    See me? I'm Still Standing

    I might be bleeding - but I'm still breathing

    And you might hate me.. but you can't break me.

    Burning Alive

    If Burning Makes Me A Liar.

    Then Come Join Me In The Fire.

    I know you wouldn't survive - but I'll be burning alive.


    Maybe I'm just Masquerading.

    As way beyond saving

    So I don't even have to fight.


    I know I make you feel like you're at the end of your rope.

    Thats when I look at you and tell you I'd be better alone

    That's just the pride talking isn't it? Because both of us know

    I'm the definition of wreck if you look into my soul.