• Name: Alfred Thadeus Turner
    Birthdate: August 5, 2003
    Archetype: Visitor
    Occupation: Blackfield Academy Student
    Grade: Advanced Stage 4
    Hometown: Jamaica Plain, MA
    Arrival Date: December 6, 2020

  • Before the Red Storm

    This is where my character's history is going to go.

  • December 2020 C.E.: Arrival in Haven

    My father applied for my enrollment to Blackfield on the 4th and I got dropped off by the bus on the 6th at 1:00 AM in the morning. Blackfield definitely doesn't mess around when it comes to getting new bodies, does it? Thank goodness for that old man Pastor Jerry asking around for staff at the entrance or I would have been waiting around for hours. I wonder where he is now?

    Life at the Academy

    Though regular classes at the English High School back in Jamaica Plain were really easy to just fall asleep and scoot by in. Blackfield classes are a bit more difficult and by far more interesting. There's quite a bit of pressure for me to be Head Boy from some of my teachers. It's a given, pretty much, if I just study hard. There's no way any of the other boys will be catching up to me in grades. I'm not a nerd for that... Am I? It's just interesting topics is all. I have to keep my nose clean until I graduate, get some good grades, and try to stay alive. Why does that third direction feel less and less like a joke?

    How I deal with Horrors

    Look, there are a lot of things that I don't understand. A lot more since I came to Blackfield. That's why you need friends and teachers though. You're allowed to be scared, and you're allowed to run, but in the end, figuring out how to fix your problems is how you don't run into the same trouble twice. It'll all work out in the end... right?

  • This is where I will put more up to date information

  • Comments

    Mackenzie Holman

    "Iluvyouiluvyouiluvyou too, Cyclops"


    Levi Laine

    "I'm not some fucking comic book supervillain, you demented fuck. I'm just another idiot kid like you. Just another unwanted piece of garbage trying to navigate this hellhole."

    Some Dipshit

    Tanya Strelchenko

    "So if someone tries to look down your highway, Highway, do they see something at the end of it?"


    Abel Zap Price

    "It's going to hurt like hell, but you'll be better for it in the end. Promise."


    Roslyn Redgrave

    "You are torturing me, do you know that?"


    Wendy West

    "You'll be eaten by your guilt."


    Alfred Turner

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