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Amalya 'Mal' Lotta

The younger sister by three whole minutes, Amalya is the far more outgoing and feisty of the twins. She is not without moments of uncertainty however. The fact that names alone aren't confusing enough? She's an identical twin.

What She's Doing in Haven

Ever since she was fifteen, Mal had been frequenting Haven, always living just on the border of what she once thought was a sleepy little town. She came trying to find her twin sister, and in the same aspect, it seems they always just missed each other. Now that they've been reunited? She's learning more of herself, making friends, and trying to show her sibling that no matter what, family is always there.

Fitting in a Supernatural World

In a world so vastly different, she's holding up pretty well. If only because she has an understanding of everything she'd need to know thanks to her mother. She hasn't fully figured out how to control certain aspects about herself, and things get really interesting when she really gets in her feels.

Coping with the Lurking Horrors

She's not really dealing with them, she's trying to figure out her place, while trying not to lose her shit in the process. Maybe one day she will handle everything with more confidence.

More About Me

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I'm the Best

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