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Anastasiya Cherenkov

Name: Anastasiya Alexiya Cherenkov

Archetype: Blackfield Staff.

Faction: None (Blackfield.)

Occupation: Health Teacher and Clinic Pharmacologist

Theme Song: Kids Will Be Skeletons - Mogwai


+What I'm Doing in Haven+

After completion of her masters in Chemical Engineering at MIT, she followed in her father's footsteps, taking up residence as an employee at the clinic. Eventually she completed her Ph.D while at Blackfield, and took over primary duties in dealing with the Academy while developing drugs for Blackfield's Psych Ward.

+Where I fit in a Supernatural World+

Doctor Cherenkov is one of the many staff long exposed to Blackfield itself, and as such works to further their goals.

+How I Cope with the Lurking Horrors+

She finds them to be none of her concern, her hopes long ago crushed by her many years at the Academy. She believes her only insurance for survival lies by serving the needs of the Institute.

RP Hooks

ø Seeker of the Sign - Doctor Cherenkov has had visions of a sign in her dreams. Following the clues and quite a bit of research has led her into talking with many occultists and specialists in the arcane.

ø Drug Addict - Doctor Cherenkov is an addict and willing to help those who come seeking the dependence of drugs, often dispensing them at discount prices in exchange for human experimentation when those at the Clinic or Academy are indisposed, or for those she deems to be of no use to the Institute.

ø Academy Teacher - Doctor Cherenkov is an active teacher at Blackfield, and many students and patients can encounter her patrolling the grounds for those that break the rules.


"Cherenkov and Schmidt are my mentors. Take that into consideration before you open your mouth again." - Doctor Spilsbury

"She's the first person I'll call if I ever fall off the wagon." - Fatima

"A consistently inspiring and consistently surprising mentor. I wonder how close to her own precipice she stands, and how deep that abyss drops. I'm certain we'll find out." - Dr. Zmeyakov

"Dearest Sister, it brings a smile to my face each time I see you. Your methods and stories are something to be admired, and feared. We will have much fun together." - Brother Kittens

"Sorry I missed your return. Sera has said intriguing things. I hope Blackfield treats you well and please pass my love to the Headmistress is she is ever found." - Dr. Quinn Byrne

"Comment." - SaidPerson