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Anthony Moretti

Name: Anthony Moretti

Archetype: Vampire- Pretty Damn Fresh

Faction: Order - Librarian

Occupation: Tech Writer

Theme Song: Paralyzed


+What I'm Doing in Haven+

In a more perfect world, Anthony would still be a normal kid studying Physics at the California State University in Dominguez Hills after a struggle to break free from a poverty stricken background. Tragically, though, the young man was shot point blank while working his shift at a convenience store.

He would have been dead(er) if his sister, a very aware demonborn, hadn't paid off a vampire to sire him. Anthony didn’t take it all that well and ultimately was decided that it was best for him to go to Haven to figure out what to do with his “second chance.”

+Where I fit in a Supernatural World+

Superficially? He doesn’t. He was always a kind of a weird kid and he’s still a little off and leans towards introversion. But of course, that duality between human and monster with a touch of insanity and confusion is probably what Haven is all about. For now, he leans towards virtue(albeit a bit of a coward), though who knows how the Supernatural World will change this.

+How I Cope with the Lurking Horrors+

The world doesn’t feel quite real to Anthony, likely a psychological defense mechanism. Because of this, he is able to face the world with detached curiosity, which sometimes dips into mild concern, as he is ultimately a kind individual.

Of course, when he looks inward to his own inner demons and things start to feel more real and intense, he avoids and denies, locking himself away.

RP Hooks

ø Dissociative - The world isn’t quite real, so sometimes it’s just best to smile and nod and try not to focus on the gut feelings. Feelings and memories are gross sometimes.

ø Conflicted - Anthony generally keeps a calm mask, but underneath it he is at a loss on how to deal with his new undead situation. He feeds on animals, but the temptation to escalate will always be there.

ø Fresh and Curious - He knows fairly little about the supernatural world and is eager to learn more, if only to be better at protecting himself.

ø Self-Hating - Being always an outsider and always being “protected” by his older sister has made him feel weak, cowardly, disliked and a burden.

Supernatural Outlook

ø Multilingual - His mother is a first generation Russian immigrant who speaks very little English. His now deceased father is an Italian who may or may not have Mafia ties. And he grew up in one of the most diverse areas of the United States.

ø Superior Athleticism - He always had above average speed, strength and endurance for his size. Being dead seems to help with this.

ø Emotional Manipulation - Anthony is somewhat unaware of his ability to affect other’s people emotions(dissociation is a bitch). It is something akin to a reverse empathy, where he occasionally can shift people’s moods to fit his wants.


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