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Arianna Onasis

(¯`·._.· Love ø Beauty ø Danger ·._.·´¯)

Arianna Onasis

(¯`·._.·Entertain Me·._.·´¯)

(¯`·._.·Life is a Game·._.·´¯)


+Where I fit in a Supernatural World+

Arianna is a demigoddess of potent blood and is paired with a sister of equal power. Together they rule the house of Aphrodite as benevolent(usually) Mistresses. Said to be a direct descendant of Aphrodite herself, even the Goddess has said so. All the wealth, power, and lack of competition has created a monster of the sisters. Arianna being the worst, always coveting what she can't have. Arianna is always demanding all others treat her like the demigoddess she is and doing less than that is bad for one's health

+How I Cope with the Lurking Horrors+

Very few in Haven can match Arianna in a fight and to fail to beat her could find you hopelessly in love as she enthralls you and uses you up. If Arianna can't handle herself alone, then her sister is never far and the pair are deadly together. She is said to enjoy fighting but not killing, even when she's had her foes dead to rights she has been merciful. Its the fact she -could- kill but doesn't that matters to her.

RP Hooks and Abilities

ø Socialite

ø Gender Fluid

Being wealthy and influential are superpowers all on their own.

She's known to use flesh forming liberally to assume whatever gender suits her mood.

ø Cult Leader

ø Arrogant

Arianna is accused of leading a sex cult almost daily. But is beloved by all its members, she's truly a cult leader; terrifying, dangerous and beloved..

Powerful, beautiful. Catered too by servants and practically God royalty. How could one be modest?


"I prefer to see you bleed, one way or another." - Said Ayanna

"I'll be your angel forever." - Said Shay

"I was enraptured by you from the start. Who wouldn't be?" - Said Yawen

"Everything around you turns into a disaster. So, obviously, I'm coming with you." - Katya

"Finally, we actually see each other for who we are." - Crystal