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Astrid Lokisdottir

Princess Astrid Lokisdottir

That is how she introduces herself. And she claims it is her real name.

Purple-Haired Monster

She has no qualms about what she is: the daughter of a Norse God, a monster that sustains herself on the souls and life energy of those around herself, and a notoriously mischievous prankster and trickster. In other words, she does her Daddy proud.

Wish Fulfillment

That is her real stock and trade, fulfilling the wishes of her would be clients' wildest wishes and desires. All she usually charges is Three Hereditary Favors, usually cashed in by your grand children. If you need a second wish however, the price rises sharply. She is not your genie.

The Horror Next Door

She usually sticks to her castle, yes, an actual castle, in the outer Haven forest, away from prying eyes. But when she is in town, she pretends to be just another woman visiting for whatever reasons. And she shows as much skin as she can without getting in trouble with the Sheriff.

Failure to Smile

Something happened to her. She does not talk about it. She remembers the last time she smiled (more than a century ago), but she cannot even force herself to smile. No smirking, no grins, no laughs, no chuckles. It is related to her current predicament, and why she is in Haven to begin with.

Easily a Mused

Despite her inability to smile, she has inspired many stories during her lengthy life. She would specifically claim several, but one of her best known bits of inspiration is Lewis Carroll and his depiction of the Cheshire Cat.

Antagonistic Style

RP > Code

Utilizes Clinic*

Avoids Combat

Likes Slow Escalation

Deals Face-to-Face

Etiquette Driven

*Astrid is in Manipulative Societies. This is a Tool for her, in lieu of combat bonuses. I try to get people back out as quickly as possible. Usually under 12 hours, unless they are unnecessarily difficult or griefy.

Heroic Preferences

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Identifiable, Indirect Interaction

Realistic, Viable Victims

Restoration > Prevention

Respectful > Vengeful

Martyrs > Commandos

Make a Wish:

"I'm gonna get it." - Sleepy

"You'll never own me." - Baronetess Wendred vi Dimindrea

"I wonder what dark secret are hidden behind that Cheshire grin when the woman herself does not smile at all." - Ray

"Comment." - Someone?