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(¯`·._.· Angel ø Angel ø Angel ·._.·´¯)


(¯`·._.·Madness can take many forms, but none so contemptible as man's belief in a mythology of his own making. A world view buttressed by dogmatic desperation invariably leads to single-minded fanaticism, and a need to do terrible things in the name of righteousness.·._.·´¯)

(¯`·._.·Nobody is more dangerous than he who imagines himself pure in heart, for his purity, by definition, is unassailable.·._.·´¯)


+Where I fit in a Supernatural World+

Azrael is a moral absolutist: He is in constant rebellion against the enlightenment of the modern age and is unforgiving of any deviation from his own personal ethics and beliefs. His sense of morality is so impossibly strict that few (if any) can live up to his archaic, old-testament standards of right and wrong. An unimaginable amount of innocent blood has been spilled in pursuit of his perceived utopia. He is incapable of nuanced understanding and cannot comprehend the idea that he could be immoral.

RP Hooks and Abilities

ø Might makes right

ø Archaic bigot

Azrael has a (objectively false) belief that right makes might. That the righteous always prevail over evil. This is an incredibly self-serving point of view as he is one of the strongest supernaturals on earth: and because of it he almost never comes to the aid of genuine victims. Though he tends to be very deferential to those who can overpower him and expects the same of those he can best.

He is unbelievably intolerant and many of his views are considered anathema by the modern day standard. He hates homosexuals. He hates those who have sex outside of marriage. He hates women with authority. Alongside a myriad of other things that most people would consider non-issues: those who work on the sabbath, those who eat shellfish, those who have hobbies he considers frivolous such as video games.

ø 'Freed' angel?

ø Who fights monsters

He is Yahweh's creation and appears to be loyal to him. He is known to have a certain soft spot for those faithful to Yahweh.

His intolerance often leads him to fight other monsters. Inparticular he hates demon-blooded and those who associate with hell, though he often poses more of a threat to the innocent than the sinners he seeks to combat.


"Those that recite the dhikr will cloak themselves to you, Son. Those who give alms to the unfortunate are protected from you, and will walk with Me. However, those that see your offering of the quince of paradise with My Name upon your palm, they must follow You, My Angel of Judgement." - Sayeth God

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