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Booker Price

Name: Booker Price

Archetype: Werewolf

Faction: The Fenrir Project - Mongrel

Occupation: Florist

Theme Song: Work Song - Hozier


+What They Are Doing in Haven+

Having been born in Haven, Booker returned after a long time spent in the army, and then, in prison. With little prospects, he found his way back to town in hopes of leading a calm, quiet life. He works at the Sunshine Florist during the day, and as a bouncer at Cherry's during the night to keep busy, and otherwise tends keeps to himself.

+Where They Fit in a Supernatural World+

Booker was turned into a werewolf at around twenty years of age, and has adapted as well as could be expected with twenty years of experiencing lunacy and all the pains associated with his new nature. He avoids other werewolves if he can, and maintains a small territory for himself.

+How They Cope with the Lurking Horrors+

Experienced with keeping his head down, Booker does what most normal people in town do to keep safe, he keeps his mouth shut and doesn't meddle or push about secrets, and does his best not to get involved. He doesn't always succeed, easily pulled by people in need of help, though he'll always try to do so in the least dangerous way he can find.

RP Hooks

ø Fellow Wolf - Other werewolves are bound to get a reaction out of him, even it's avoidance in the face of aggressive ones. He's interested in the history of wolves, and is still learning how to define it in his own terms.

ø Pitiful People - He is weak in the face of people in need. If Booker meets someone who needs a home, food, or money, he's usually prone to giving that and his time.

ø The Fenrir Project - Booker's Packmate got captured, and Booker followed her into the clutches of Grimar. Any related to the project or allied to it are interesting to him, if only so he knows where he stands.

Supernatural Outlook

ø Strength - Booker is strong from both his training and nature, and prides himself on that fact.

ø Green Thumb - He's remarkably good with plants, preternaturally connected to flora.


"He's not a total waste of fucking space." - Andy

"Dunno why you put up with me, Books, but I'm glad you do." - Cameron

"It's cool, we don't need to talk. We got that sort of friendship." - Poolside

"Hey, thank you so much for everything. I see the good in you, you're an amazing person. I don't care your past or circumstances. Stay awesome, dude." - Kelsey

"Maybe I'm too much a machine to make slow-burning connections – but you're me and I'm you, and the world's our oyster. You'll get there someday. Just takes time, Books." – Roxy

"You're the only good man in Haven." – "Cherry"

"God, he's wound so tight. I just want to see what he's like when he cuts loose. Bring your wolf outside to play some time, won't you?" - Bonnie