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Bradley Liscom

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Bradley Liscom

The road to Haven

The Liscom family has a long history in Haven and the Boston area being part of one of the first waves of immigrants when New England was first settled. Bradley's grandfather, Howard Liscom long ran the Liscom bakery on Main Street.

Bradley himself grew up in Haven until his graduation from the Blackfield Academy at which point he moved to Boston to study pre-med, having just completed his psychiatric studies when the news of the Haven fire and the demise of his grandfather reached him. Intent on keeping his grandfather's legacy alive, he moved back to Haven together with his young wife Taosa, taking up a job at the Blackfield Institute to help finance the rebuilding of the bakery.

A supernatural world

Having lived most of his life in Haven and a survivor of the Academy's many attempts to activate any latent gifts he may have, Bradley has developed a wide array of knowledge on most supernatural topics which he now teaches at the Blackfield College with a primary focus on Cryptozoology.

Current Courses

  • Introduction to Cryptozoology, the study of the creatures that stalk the forests of Haven. Literature is "Uncommon Creatures" by Charles Ryder
  • Introduction to Sentient Biology, the study of the supernatural condition, Literature is "The fundementals of the modern body" by Theresa Smith
  • Introduction to Practical Politics, How to find your place in the supernatural society. Literature is "A treatise on late medieval politics" by Alexandra Black
  • Introduction to Xeno Pharmacology, also known as modern alchemy. Literature is "Properties of the Blood" by Rupert Hoffenheimer

All literature can be found at The Palimpsest Book and Supply Store

Bradley Liscom can be reached at 712-4086 and Bradley.Liscom@Blackfield.edu

Make Your Mark

"The light of my life: my handsome, clever husband!" - Tam

"One of... Four? Competent employees here. I have high hopes." - Doctor Schmidt

"Something unquiet rests behind your eyes Brad of Ley, all your professional calm cannot hide the shadows in the depths beneath." - Psychiatric Inmate 1127

"Only 8 left." - Nova Bee

"I'm sorry you didn't like the coffee, but we all must make ends meet, and make do with what we have." - The Man with the Chevy

"I look forward to seeing you again, Brad. On more equal footing." - Virginia

"How forceful you are, Brad. Such a perfect specimen of manhood.." - Mata

"I hope you return to Haven soon, Professor. I do miss your consistency, if nothing else." - Gage