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Caelia Silanus

Name: Caelia Sionnach

Archetype: Demigod - Active

Faction: The Contract - Chief Political Officer

Occupation: Executive Assistant

Theme Song: "Orpheus" - Shawn James; "Feeling Good" - Avicii


+The Road to Haven+

Born the year that Severus Alexander ascended to the throne of the Roman Empire, Caelia Silanus was a slave. There was nothing particularly special about her, nothing that really stood out, but she was bright and ready to take on whatever came. Her owner was the child of the Roman god Somnus; when he left to travel, he took her with him. One day, she was sent to the market to procure a few items for her owner and disappeared.

+Where She Is Now+

Five years ago, Caelia resurfaced. Lost and frightened, she did the only thing she knew to do: she entered the dreamscape and wandered until she found the court of Somnus. There she waited until her master found her. It took the the whole of that five years to find her people again, and now her owner has called her to serve him in Haven. She works as his messenger and gopher, taking care of the small tasks that are below him and coordinating efforts between The Contract and others in town.

+How I Cope with the Lurking Horrors+

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