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Callalily Moore

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 Callalily Marie Moore (Cally)

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What I'm Doing in Haven

After a decade away, Cally got told to bring her ass home to help take care of her mother, so home her ass is. Currently, she’s working as a bartender at The Alley, helping her Auntie Mary run the Westhaven Trailer Park, and spending a lot of time with her family. Outside of work, she’s reserved and tends to keep to herself, but once you get past her cool exterior, she’s very friendly.

Where I Fit in a World of Monsters

Cally IS one of the monsters, and she fits right in amongst the Moores, both wolfy and non.

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RP Hooks

  • Moore - family-oriented.
  • Wise Bartender - Cally enjoys listening to others and gives out fairly solid advice.
  • Werewolf - don’t cross her on or around the full moon.
  • Nature - a hippie at heart, Cally loves to be out in nature.

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"Conqueror of porch swings, may all tremble in your presence." - Karl

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