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Cameron Daily

Character Information

Archetype: Human/Sensitive

Birthdate: December 28, 1994

Occupation: Dancer, Daddy's Little Girl, Fucked

Society: The Disciples of Mata Hari

Themesongs: Numb, 25, Adrenaline


What I'm Doing in Haven

Cam is Haven born and raised; though was adopted as a baby.

She's blown through an anonymously gifted inheritance via boozing and drugging herself to oblivion. Having ruined her chances at becoming a professional ballet dancer, in which she is classically trained, she became an erotic dancer at Nymph's Rest, a 'girl-friday' for Desmond King, and worked a slew of other sex related positions. Her early life was a mess. It is still a mess. Things that get built up have a way of crumbling apart, afterall. Nowadays, when she is not stoned or lost somewhere in her thoughts, she finds herself busy with helping her father run a few businesses, finding herself in a different sort of rutting.

Where I Fit in a World of Monsters

She has seen some shit, man. Ever since she was a child, she's been /sensitive/ to the world around her. In part, this is why she would find herself in the throes of some vice, than deal with what was actually happening.

At least it was a way for her to cope with it.

Most recent events in her life leave her ever more reckless, trying to escape her own head. Or succumb to it.


"Any time you need a ride, just reach out and touch me." - Victor Smith

"You're pretty..." - River

"Thankyou, for the dance. And the entertainment." - Sua?

"I wish you'd quit playing games with my heart." - Rowan

"So it's either Vicki with an -i- or Tori. This thought haunts my dreams. Ice cream, popcorn, scary movies, running in slow motion up the stairs or into the basement. Maybe to the car that won't start because the battery is dead? Or was the battery pulled by the killer? Totally a date!" - Lorna?

"Just one look at her and I was already composing songs to her beauty in my head." - Keysen

"Careful boys, we got a heart breaker here. She'll have you coming back for more." - Shaun

"'I'm miss sugarpink, liquor liquor, lips', seems a good song for you. The whole Electra Heart album. Treasure for a treasure." - Fred

"'It was totally worth it." - Spencer

"I think you're the closest thing to a friend that I have." - Wanda

"Comment." - Name