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Cameron Mc Innis

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Cameron Mc Innis


Sex: Female
Birth Date: 15/03/1989
Race: White
Occupation: Owner of Cherry's Strip Club
Theme Song: Howl

Supernatural Outlook

Project Fenrir Werewolf


Having moved to Haven from Boston, Cameron didn't go very far, just far enough. Her intent at a quiet life under the radar has since been absolutely decimated, but she's still got some hope to make the best of it.

She's not a bad woman, just a big, angry one.

Becoming a werewolf was a choice she made while laid up in a hospital bed after years of simply waiting to die. What had seemed like a promise of a new life has lead her into the hands of Grimar, which she hates. However, it has given her a bigger pack and each member is someone she's all too willing to fight for.

The hardest part for her has been coming to terms with the idea that as many of the people who wronged her had as little choice as she did. But she keeps a list. While she was once a woman who would never consider herself cruel, she's since decided that some people deserve cruelty and she bides her time until she can dole out vengeance.

More About Me

~ She takes pride in her work and her motorcycle, perhaps spending a bit more than she should maintaining and improving the old, beat up thing.

~ She wants to be a good woman, so an easy way to get her attention is to seek out her help.

~ Project Fenrir, despite her greatest attempts to ignore it, has encircled her life. Her best friend gave himself up after she was caught, to her greatest shame.

~ While she doesn't always say it, it's clear she feels an intense connection to Sergei/One.

~ Despite it all, she's still a bartender, and a damned good one.

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Notes on file

"They're not good, Cookie. They're food. We're what's good in the world." - Roxy

""You are the best, get better soon. You are never alone''" - Marri

"Sometimes you just need to put down the weak ones.It's the right thing to do." - By Poolside

"You're more use alive than dead, and I need a friend. Stop throwing yourself at danger." - By Booker

"You're a good person Cameron. Just don't scare me like that again. I will always try to help you, it's what friends do. I can call you that now right?" - Huong

"You're not yourself when you're hungry. Have a snickershareholder." - This Bitch