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Cameron Mc Innis

Name: Cameron McInnis

Archetype: Werewolf

Faction: The Alpha Directive - Us

Occupation: Owner of The Den

Theme Song: Howl- Florence + the Machine


+What I'm Doing in Haven+

After outrunning mortality by accepting the "curse" of lycanthropy, Cameron found herself needing to leave her old life behind. Family and friends having buried an empty casket, she found her way to Haven by the advice of the wolf who turned her.

Where once she'd simply been a bartender, she suddenly finds herself the owner of a successful strip club.

+Where I fit in a Supernatural World+

Cameron, like so many other wolves living in Haven, found herself on the receiving end of Grimar's cruelty and Pascal's experiments. While she'd once been an active member of the Order, her loyalties lie with her fellow wolves of the Directive, for now. Slowly but surely she seems to be accepting that she can't be human anymore, but knows she's not just a Beast either.

+How I Cope with the Lurking Horrors+

Surrounded by a pack that loves her, and that she loves herself, she doesn't have much trouble anymore. She keeps her head down, until others encroach upon what she considers Hers. It's easy, perhaps, to cope when you are not alone. When you are of Us.

RP Hooks

ø Employer - Owning a business is hard, but it's a challenge Cameron is willing to undertake. Need a job? Seek her out, especially if you happen to be a werewolf yourself.

ø Bleeding Heart - Cameron seems to have a much harder time letting go of her humanity than other wolves. While she's more and more beastly these days, there's a decent chance she'll at least try to be helpful.

ø Us - She is protective of other wolves. Even if you aren't with Us, if you're a fellow wolf, you have her ear.

ø Blackfield - Despite being wary of Blackfield, she's taken on a contract in hopes of helping people who might wind up there as she did: scared and frustrated.

Supernatural Outlook

ø Strong as the Mountain - Werewolves are strong, and Cameron is no exception.

ø Bartender - Hey, it's five o'clock somewhere!


"You're getting there, chick. You got your heart in the right place, either way. Just a bit soft." - Chloe

"You and me been through a lot. You knew me before and have been looking out for me for a while. I'm looking out for you now." - Poolside

"I should have listened, I never listened though. A silly girl I am with Joel now, no more hurting no more disappointments. Peace now. I am sorry I love you!"." - Bumpkin

"Comment." - SaidPerson