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Carter Grayson

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Character Info

Gender Female
Birth Date January 19th, 2002
Birth Place Tennessee
Society The Order
Association N/A
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Story Title

Childhood. It's meant to be safe, comforting and nurturing. Carter Grayson's wasn't any of that. All she wanted all her life was to be in a family that actually loved her and to actually have friends. After her only friend and sister killed herself, Carter's mental health went downhill. She was committed three times each lasting a good length of time during the spam of a year to a year and a half. She spent being 17 in a mental hospital, to be released around her 18th birthday. She went home to see her brother who she has a rocky relationship with but he's the one who paid for her to come up to Boston for college. After meeting with him, she left with the intent to never look back.

After leaving Tennessee for good with no intents to come back to live there, Carter applied to some colleges, deciding an education with will her get a proper career and make a life for herself. She was denied by most of them except for Boston Uni, where the people in charge of admissions felt she'd do a good job despite her rough history. She sought housing in Haven however as Boston is expensive and being the antisocial child she is, she didn't want to deal with dorm life.

Initially, she thought Haven was a bizarre place. To be honest, its gotten only weirder the longer she's been here. She was filled with fear but lately she's been trying to combat that. However, she's found something she's always wanted here. Friends. Something of a makeshift family perhaps even, though she isn't so sure yet.

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