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Carter Sharp


Born to a wealthy family of New Yorkers, life was a breeze for young Carter. He went to the best schools, and skidded by either on virtue of his own knowledge or, unbeknownst to him, the influence of his family in New York. Graduating high school with flying colors- at least in robotics and computers, he went on to a short stint to a college in New York. After getting caught in a scandal that involved him hacking into a professor's computer, he was swiftly kicked out of the school on his bum, despite his parents efforts to persuade the college to let him stay. Whether out on a whim, or shame, or some other reason, Carter returned to the town he was born in, Haven, Mass. It was there that he kicked his drug habits he picked up after being kicked out of the school. It was there where he discovered things are darker than those in power would let people know. Real dark. He had to leave for a while, a trip to the south. But an encounter that involved a certain anti-supernatural group and terrorizing them with explosives and various other electronic gear that was laying around had him go into hiding and staying away from Haven longer than he expected. After a few weeks? Days, maybe, in Haven? It became obvious... Carter's memory has been affected by... something. Someone. Gone is the memories of the supernatural. What happened? Does it have anything to do with his drug habits that suddenly returned with a vengeance?

Mad Skillz

Hack teh Planet: He is an accomplished hacker. Real good one. He can probably get into anything and everything stored electronically. Carter The Builder, can he build it, yes he can!: Again, something he's real good at. The kid can make such wonders if he really put his mind to it. Often times, you can find him taking something apart, and putting it back together within seconds, functioning either just the same or even better. Ka-boom!: For reasons unknown, Carter is really good with explosives. Like. Scarily so.

What can you find on Carter's IPod
Jonathan Young: This is Halloween
Marilyn Manson: Sweet Dreams
Voicians: Show Me The Way
Celldweller: Just Like You
Three Days Grace: Just Like You
Korn: Never, Never
Marilyn Manson: Slo-mo-tion Instrumental
Marilyn Manson: Personal Jesus
Marilyn Manson: Tainted Love
Marilyn Manson: If I Was Your Vampire
Black Veil Brides: Knives and Pens
Black Veil Brides: The Legacy
Klaypex: Rain
Will & Tim: Song of Storms
Black Veil Brides: Wretched and Divine
Klaypex: Lights
Klaypex: Gamefire
Klaypex: Dubstep Guns
Kaleptik: Song of Storms
Willy Wonka: Pure Imagination
Gloryhammer: The Unicorn Invasion of Dundee
DJ Cutman: Zelda and Chill
Bliss n Eso: Circus in the Sky
Boom Boom Boom: John Lee Hooker
Personality Traits
Playful Hacker Troll

"Kids and fashion these days." - Mister Johnson

"You're, like, pretty proficient at tech stuff, eh?" - Fatima

"Carter? CARTER. WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY CEILING?! Well, OBVIOUSLY it exploded, but--" - Fritz, on the phone

"A bright young man, if rather distracted." - Mister Worthington

"Carter! I missed you, buddy. We should catch up. Real soon." - Renfield

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and is more amusing for me. I'm only helping you to become great." - Professor Oxman

"A demon's a demon, Carter." - Mister Schrodinger ]