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Case Arkwright

Name : Case ArkwrightJob:Software DeveloperAge :25

The prodigal son of Haven's own Arkwright Family, Case is defined both by his family's penchant towards melancholy and his own inexorable self-consciousness. In his finer moments he appears calm and collected, prepared for every challenge that Haven may throw at him, yet this façade crumbles at the slightest provocation, leaving a stammering nerd in its wake.

Early Life

Born and raised in Haven, Massachusetts, Case Arkwright spent his early years as a student in Blackfield. During his time there he was known to be a fiery ideologue and outspoken freethinker. The trouble this brought him in such a conservative institution did little to dissuade him. Given his altruistic views, one might have expected him to someday pursue a law career, or follow in his family's footsteps in the medical profession.


Shortly after graduating Blackfield Academy in 2013, Case Arkwright disappeared. His social media went dark, his phone number went out of service, and for a time it seemed as if he would never be seen or heard from again. There are always rumors in small towns like Haven: Some said that he had simply skipped town and was now working somewhere in Canada, others that his teenage rebellion had led to a life of addiction, some whispered of worse things.

The Present

In 2016, Case returned to Haven a shell of his former self, bringing new life to the rumors of addiction. A social recluse, his presence in Haven has, until recently, only been a sparing one, interrupted by frequent out of town trips to meet with employees of the Hanshin Group and its subsidiary companies. What, if anything, his future holds remains to be seen.


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