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Chitte Brokk

Chitte 'Chitty' Brokk

┬┐Hay algo para comer?

Character Info

Gender Male
Birth Date April 15, 1969
Birth Place Boston, MA, USA
Description a rugged and rowdy roughneck with riotous red hair
S'whut dulcet tones? says, in a billowy, boisterous Boston baritone, "Stay hydrated."


How Chitte Hits the Fan (I'll flesh this out when I get bored enough)

+Early Life: 0 to 22

 -Childhood: 0 to 9
     1. Born Blessed: Chitte vs. Fate
     2. Hard Knock Life: Chitte vs. Cruelty
     3. You can't help a hungry man: Chitte vs. Adulthood
 -Formative: 9 to 13
     1. What a bright and gifted child: Chitte vs. Luck
     2. What an energetic, loud child: Chitte vs. Xenophobia
     3. You can do anything... that we say: Chitte vs. Patriarchy
 -Teens: 14 to 18
     1. So many emotions: Chitte vs. Nature
     2. All pain, no gain: Chitte vs. Self
     3. It's my way, or the highway: Chitte vs. Society
 -College: 18 to 22
     1. Keep your cap on, dot: Chitte vs. Neurohomogeneity
     2. Foreplay? I don't golf: Chitte vs.  Coitalcentricity
     3. When you're white, you're right: Chitte vs. Privilege

+The Roaring Twenties in the Coked out Nineties: 22 to 35

 -Training: 22 to 24
 -Butter Bar: 24 to 28
 -Captain: 28 to 35
     1. Ride or Die: Chitte vs. Them
     2. Nine-Eleven: Chitte vs. Us vs. Them
     3. Promotions: Chitte vs. Us vs. Them vs. Us

+Veterancy: 35 to 51

     1. Now You Watch: Chitte vs. Sedentarianism
     2. Well, we're at war: Chitte vs. Militarism
     3. And, more war: Chitte vs. Pacifism

+Venerancy: 51 to Present

     1. Red Rain: Chitte vs. Mortality
     2. Hat Rack: Chitte vs. Morality
     3. Just You: Chitte vs. Myself

RP Hooks/Abilities

RP Hooks / Abilities

RP Hooks

Famished - Ezequiel is always hungry. Food is the way to his heart. What he considers food may differ from the norm, however...

Other Stats

Vice and Sin / Virtues / Play List



Sin One

Expression One

Sin Two

Expression Two



Virtue One

Expression One

Virtue Two

Expression Two


"I'm glad we were able to patch things up, if not fix them completely, with the time I had left. Take care of her and take care of Haven. Push the Order to do more. The world is depending on all of you." - Edmond

"Comment." - Author