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Cholena Tailor

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About Chloe

Chloe doesn't really talk much about her life all that much, but it's well enough known she used to live in Yellowstone natural park alone for a good while. She's still not quite got the hang of the whole 'being in society' thing yet, either. While she used to barely 'work' for a hardware store, then was a teacher in Blackfield, now banned from the place, she works 'bartending' at Howl at the Moon, something she's awful at, yet fiercely protective over. Otherwise, she doesn't really seem to show up in town all that often, hanging out with one or two others on the outskirts of Haven.

Unlike some of you weirdos I just like the music, dun wanna be this chick or whatever.

Listen to this shit, good shit

RP hooks

Her lack of anger managment. You can pick her up on it, help her control it, goad her using it... Just try it, piece of shit She loves nature, exploring and hunting, fellow trailblazers and hippies will get along well. Her dislike for crowded bars and other social events. Paranoid folks unite!

The supernatural

Chloe's been in the supernatural world longer than she'd like to admit, and it's mostly normal to her now, she certainly doesn't seem too surprised by much, but those fuckin' fae always manage to come up with something new to piss me off. Her clear acceptance for the supernatural is only unmatched by her equal lack of acceptance of those whose personalities she doesn't agree with, even if they might be how they are cause of their blood.

The girl

Chloe seems to struggle to cope with her emotions far more than such petty things as immortal predators, arch-angels and all that nonsense. At least, that's how she acts in public, as many a bloody nosed bystander can attest to. Thankfully, she has her fair share of creature comforts, some publicly known and a couple not so much. Jus' give me chocolate anna dark room and I'll be outta your hair for a day, promise.

What people have to say

"I have discovered that chocolate ice cream is just as good in a blizzard as a heatwave. And it doesn't melt. Let's do [redacted] WITH ice cream very soon! And hey, thanks for accepting someone so different so quickly." - Selene?

“You seem so young. You think we're full of monsters who want to manipulate your mind – but I want to help you, Chloe, that's all. I want you to be able to see the world for all its facets, not just the facets of the people who want you to be a killer.” – Miss Rosenberg

“Of all the wolfs I seen in this world, you one of the few that come closest to it. Ain't about hunting, ain't about fighting. They gonna tell you that they ain't animals on the inside, that they ain't monsters. We all monsters in this world. But we wolfs just the only ones brave enough to let them fucking come out. And the ones afraid of you letting loose? They afraid, because they meat. ” – Rose

“Maybe because it comes so close to killing me. But hey, ain't it a gift, to be understood? ” – Luci

“Guess you was right about some things. Ain't really such a thing as right or wrong, is there? It's predator and prey, cycle of life or some shit. Or...I dunno, maybe it just is what it is. ” – Poolside?

“Never trust a wolf. Thank you, yet again, for the reminder. ” – Luciana