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Clare Walsh

(¯`·._.· My Daddy Taught Me Well ·._.·´¯)

Clare Walsh

(¯`·._.·There's some devils in heaven...·._.·´¯)

(¯`·._.·...and some angels in Hell.·._.·´¯)


+What I'm Doing in Haven+

Originally a Haven native, Clare left to study fashion design in Paris and never returned from Europe as she was supposed to. It took the death of her parents, an event she missed because of COVID travel restrictions, to finally bring her back. As a result, she's left to pick up the pieces, both emotional and financial, before she can return to her high-strung career back in London.

OOC Stuff

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I like slow-paced, long storylines that deal with the fallibility of the human condition and slippery slopes that play with the themes of corruption. I pose slowly and struggle in larger groups with rapid-firing short poses or combat.

I'm okay with most things except hardcore torture and body horror. Stay within Sanctuary or play with the loopholes; don't rewrite my character concept, and we'll be good. Confinement is fine, but I have odd hours and can't promise when I'll be online next. If I don't login for a day or two, I promise I'm not trying to avoid antag. I'll get online when I can.

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I'm a caregiver. I have people who depend on me at home and might AFK for unspecified periods. If I 'gtg' I'll do my best to give a good margin of warning but it's a hard got to go and I'll just disconnect if I have to.

I'm dealing with enough fucking stress in real life, and I don't need your drama too. No, I won't turn on OOC tells. No, I don't want your discord details. Send me a note if you need to say something.


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"Comment." - Said Character

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