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Claudio Inigo

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 Claudio Commodus Anthony Inigo

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What I'm Doing in Haven

Claudio is in Haven to carry out goals only he's currently privy to. To most, he's just there to terrorize and make money. Though, under all that intensity is his need to appease his father Augustus Inigo, The Mayor.

Where I Fit in a World of Monsters

Claudio is the Monster.

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RP Hooks

-Sociopath -Rich Playboy -Chemist(Drug Dealer) -Mindfuckery

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"How can what we are span the eons when your mind changes on a whim? I'd hate you, but I can't. This though? It's broken. I hope you can fix it, but I no longer have faith " - Said Amelie

"You know, I'm almost proud. You have come along way little Inigo." - That Annoying Reporter?

"I'll stay here, my little prince, the provider of that constant sting they call love." - Wanda

"Comment" - Said person