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Colin Lyons

(¯`·._.· Colin ø Martin ø Lyons ·._.·´¯)

Colin M. Lyons

(¯`·._.·There's a song inside·._.·´¯)

(¯`·._.·Aching to get out·._.·´¯)


"Давайте веселимся, Lion...сколько это сегодня больно?" - Katyushka

"I worry about you, Colin..." - Eve

"Far more efficient than I'd expected. We'll have to do that again sometime." - Renfield

"I think calling you my little protege puts far too much of your improvements in the hands of me, rather than in your own talented paws, Sugar. But you are trying so hard, and I am so very proud of you, and I am glad you are disturbing my reclusivity, oh dear, so very much." - Marchesa

"Be a Deer and forgive my failings, won't you? Or fail with me. We do it best together." - Luci

"Don't you ever say I didn't warn you. I'll make a mess finding what I want." - Jorge

"Next time flash some hoof .. you might surprise yourself." - Ryan

"The cards, the cards will tell... Ain't nothing I won't do for a friend. For a price." - Ari

"Don't worry Colin! Bunny and I are always near at hand if you need us, even if we are hard to find. Just remember what the white rabbit said!" - Merky

"yo birdman thx 4 mindin the werewolf sex dungeon" - SpecialK

"You know, you have the most beautiful eyes. No homo. " - El LoBro