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Colin Lyons

(¯`·._.· Colin ø Martin ø Lyons ·._.·´¯)

Colin M. Lyons

(¯`·._.·There's a song inside·._.·´¯)

(¯`·._.·Aching to get out·._.·´¯)


+What he's doing in Haven+

Colin came to this town in search of his father. He isn't sure why he thought he could find him without a name or a photograph or anything else to go on, but sometimes the stars just line up for him, for better or for worse. He hasn't found him yet, but he did learn that he inherited something from him--something he's still struggling to understand. What else is there to do now but stay and learn?

+Where he fits in a supernatural world+

People tend to see Colin as meek, passive, and effete--the perfect perpetual victim. Among supernaturals, that makes him tantalizing prey. But there's more to him than that. There are tendencies within him he learned over the years to force deep inside and repress, at the cost of his mental stability and grip on reality. Now that he's discovering his true nature, his psychological symptoms have decreased dramatically, but these urges are starting to rise to the surface and mingle strangely with the nervous, sensitive mien that was born of this very repression. Perhaps some day he'll be able to come into his own and shed this demure skin he stitched for himself, and claim his own place in this bizarre reality, or at least learn to comprehend and reconcile the two sides of him.

Or perhaps he'll be unable to make sense of his divided nature, the episodes will return, and he'll live out his days in the dark, dreary chambers of the Clinic.

+How he copes with the lurking horrors+

For the most part, he just tries to put one foot in front of the other. What else can you do? But there's one lurking horror that's seeped its way deep into his psyche. He knows it's dangerous, but that's just part of the impossible allure. This being dominates his thoughts day and night, eating away at him until there's no thought in his mind but that name, that primal, aching need it represents...and his own rapturous devotion. Wanton desire is only the beginning of it.


Mental Issues? - Rumor has it that one of the first things Colin did upon arriving in Haven from his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island was to commit himself to Blackfield Clinic. While he claims to no longer suffer episodes, rumors about his mental state may persist.

Shy - Colin is notoriously shy, but there are some ways to break past his reserved outer shell. Getting to know him better, speaking through text messages rather than in person, and awakening his sense of humor are a few. Getting him into one of his 'comfort zones,' such as playing games or performing music, is another way to experience the more confident side of Colin. And of course, various recreational substances can do in a pinch.

Banterer - People are sometimes surprised by how much the soft-spoken Colin enjoys (ostensibly) witty back-and-forths, whether flirtatious or not. There's definitely a wry sense of humor in there somewhere.

Lustful - Don't be fooled by Colin's quiet modesty. He has a strong sexually hedonistic streak that revealed itself not too long ago, and his self-control in these matters is very poor. It's fairly well-known that he doesn't discriminate by gender, either. Despite all of this, however, he does not appear to at all enjoy having his sexual habits or history brought up in public, and will probably try to downplay any accusations.


"Давайте веселимся, Lion...сколько это сегодня больно?" - Katyushka

"I worry about you, Colin..." - Eve

"Far more efficient than I'd expected. We'll have to do that again sometime." - Renfield

"I think calling you my little protege puts far too much of your improvements in the hands of me, rather than in your own talented paws, Sugar. But you are trying so hard, and I am so very proud of you, and I am glad you are disturbing my reclusivity, oh dear, so very much." - Marchesa

"Be a Deer and forgive my failings, won't you? Or fail with me. We do it best together." - Luci

"Don't you ever say I didn't warn you. I'll make a mess finding what I want." - Jorge

"Next time flash some hoof .. you might surprise yourself." - Ryan

"The cards, the cards will tell... Ain't nothing I won't do for a friend. For a price." - Ari

"Don't worry Colin! Bunny and I are always near at hand if you need us, even if we are hard to find. Just remember what the white rabbit said!" - Merky