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Conor Mac Bjorn

Name: Conor MacBjorn

Archetype: Demigod - Veteran

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Occupation: Wanderer

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+The Normal Years+

Conor was born in Dublin in 1781, part the long-established Norse Gaelic community left along the coast by Vikings nearly a millenia earlier. Conceived on Molly MacIver by an unknown father, little is recorded of his childhood except that he was a healthy and pugnacious youth. Quickly turning from farming to crime, the boy was well-known to local watchmen based upon the scan references found, mostly for pilfering English purses by force.

Involved with Irish nationalist movements early and violently active in the United Irishmen Rebellion, the boy fled Ireland in 1801 when the British forced Ireland to unite with the Empire. Having made a name for himself as a tough fighter during the conflict, a. reputation build on several British deaths including that of one minor noble officer, he took with him a price on his head. Immigrated to Boston in 1802, quickly joining the Irish protection gangs, he fled the city in 1803 after beating a Royal marine severely in a tavern dispute. Pursuit driven by an apolexic British Captain, the defiant lad worked his way northward along the coast with a few Redcoats on his tail until he took a musket ball to the side. He managed to defeat his pursuers in the fight, bringing one British solder to his doom, but he was badly injured and had no place to run.

He would have died then, but a woman rescued him. If she gave a name he has never shared it, but the officer of the pursuit reported an angelic blond woman who scooped the fallen man up onto a horse and carried him off down the road to vanish from sight. He would have been 22 years of age by then and the location was near where a town called Haven would one day stand.

+The Berserker Years+

Vanished from the world for a time, Conor reportedly later confided in conversation that he had gone to a brighter place and feasted with the gods. While this was considered fever dreams to normals who heard it, an outcome he likely expected, those in the know hypothesize he was taken to the Godrealms and healed. And Activated, apparently, as he came back around 1840 having aged maybe ten years and re-entering the supernatural community by joining the swirling Irish immigration communities in New York. He was whispered to be a berserker with Odin's own blood in his genetics. He became a respected warrior in the gangs, eventually ending in The Dead Rabbits, publically supporting Irish communities and privately supporting an initiative by the House of Odin to establish a foothold in The New World. It surprised only the normals that there were sightings of a large wild animal on the New York streets through the ensuing years.

During the U.S. Civil War, Conor fought for the Confederacy, along with so many other Irish Americans. The House wanted the United States to remain a source of human slaves and and so supported the South. This allowed him to drift away from his known haunts before too many rumors of his agelessness arose. Moving westward, he rode with Quantrill in Missouri until when the war ended, whereupon he once again fled the fallout, ending up in the Rockies and vanishing from the public ken for a period.

+The Wandering+

After the war, and nearly a century of life, seemed to grow tired of the populated areas. From 1865 until around 1910, Conor traveled the Rockies from Montana northward, often in animal form, usually as a bear. He mostly encountered mountain men, pioneers and natives, becoming known amongst the latter as a kind of bear spirit. There are glimpses of his life in tales amongst the Lakota of a fight with a wendigo, or the Blackfoot tale of the 'bear man' defeating a large band of warriors. Several sparse tales of the 'holy bear man' may refer to Conor's wilderness time, including hints that he sat down with local medicine men or magical creatures. Brief sightings in white communities did occur as he handled business for the House, but he was apparently mostly left to his own devices during this period as he followed a landlocked version of Viking.

At some point probably in the first decade of the 1900's, he worked his way east across Canada, meeting members of the Redwood Pack and wandering, half-wild werewolves who would one day birth The New World Order or other groups protecting natural cultures. It seems also likely he crossed worlds at times, slipping into the Wilds or the Godrealms to wander there. Even less than the previous century is known of these years, although the supernatural community has occasional tidbits of brief contact as noted, sometimes in battle again as he joined in resisting demonic forces trying to decay the world into something ugly. He worked with the Winter Hill Gang in Boston, an Irish mob partnering with Asgard to set up a power base in nearby Haven, and he spent many years searching the Newfoundland forests for something.

+The Second Shattering+

We do know that around 2010 he was often sighted in Haven itself, where he settled and began showing a more focused interest in the Ragnarok-style events shaping up in the world. During Haven's great fire in 2017, Conor worked to help save the forest around the town. A falling tree smashed him flat, shattering his back beneath the weight of the mighty trunk. Or, believing some stories, he fell battling a demonspawn that was feeding the fire. In any case, a Redwood patrol found him and carted him to the Godrealms, where he was again taken away by one of Odin's battlefield messengers to enter another of those misty unknown periods. Whatever the happenings of that time, he resurfaces again in Haven on 2019, weaker but definitely quite alive and active.

RP Hooks

ø Berserker - Blood of Odin and follower of the old warrior bear cult, he is likely to look favorably upon Norse blood and warriors.

ø Treehugging Shapeshifter - His wilderness wandering years and his shifting both give him a sense of affinity with nature.

ø Celtic Blood - The Viking settled the east coast of Ireland with small steadiness that gave birth to the Norse Gaels who grew to become an integral part of a Irish culture. Between his youth in Ireland and his Irish American affiliations, he will recognize connections to this ethnic culture.

ø Organized Crime - Like many supernatural cultures, the agents of the gods use organized crime earth for their own ends. Conor has had criminal connections since his youth in Ireland, especially to Irish independants and the Irish mob. He also rides occasionally with bikers aligned with these groups.

ø Native American Connections - His wandering brought in close to many of North America's natives and nonhuman supernatural inhabitants, giving him some common ground with these.

Supernatural Outlook

ø Shifter - He is gifted by his Ancestor with the ability to assume the forms of animals favored by the House. The line between Human and animal is not always clear.

ø Old - He was born in the 1700's

ø Animal Friend - He has an affinity for the beasts

ø Berserker - He can call upon his Ancestor to bless him for battle


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