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Coraline Dubois

Name: Coraline Dubois

Archetype: Angelborn

Faction: The Temple - Inmate

Occupation: Dancer - Contemporary Pointe, Classical Ballet, Hip Hop; Owner - La Friperie

Theme Song: Charlotte OC - "Medicine Man" (Pointe to Pop), Sylvan Esso - Coffee


+What She's Doing in Haven+

Coraline arrived in Haven at the start of the Spring semester in 2019, enrolling in Blackfield College. It wasn't long before she unenrolled, however, and bought a store on Devilwood.

+Where She Fits in a Supernatural World+

An Angelborn with The Temple, Coraline devotes a good bit of energy into living as humanly as possible and works to keep her nature hidden from those she meets. Her work with Temple primarily consists of raising money and influence for the society, but she has also been known to work as a liaison for people trying to reach Temple or its leadership.

+How She Copes with the Lurking Horrors+

Whatever Coraline's past entails, she has a deep seated and intense distrust of the supernatural condition. The older and more powerful the being, the farther away she stays. She focuses on work, on dance, on anything that provides normalcy in her often frightening life.

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Supernatural Outlook

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"She talks where others would fight, takes a whole other kinda strength for that. Ain't got that myself." - Chloe

"Nicest person I've met so far in Haven, looking forward to working with her." - Glenn

"A bright spark in a dark town. I've been here before, Coraline. I know how this story ends. But don't go snuffing out on me, alright? Not yet. As long as you keep burning, I'll be here to shield you from the cold." - a friend

"She's absolutely amazing, saw a homeless girl lost, and offered kindness and assistance. I wish her nothing but the best." - Haley

"You poisoned me, you bitch!" - Turner