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Corey Hughes

Summary of Combined FBI/Order/Temple Jackets

Corey Hughes


Birth Gender: Male
Present Gender: Male
Actual Birth Date: May 8th, 1972
Ethnicity/Nationality: Irish American
Suspected Bloodline: Demigod
Residence: South Boston, Mass., USA
Self-reported Theme Song: Raign - Knocking on Heavens Door

Supernatural Data

Suspected Bloodline is Demigod, details unknown.

Known affiliations include The Hand, Desmond King mob, Lucky Southies MC.

Suspected abilities included mediumship and related dark magics.

Suspect is an accomplished physical combatant.

Summarized History

Corey grew up in Boston, on the South Side, a "Southie." He had a bit of a rough youth on the streets and was almost killed at 14 when a stray bullet punched a hole into his gut. Wasn't even his business until that.

At the hospital, he was pronounced dead on arrival, if still warm, and the trauma team was beginning to pack up when the monitors beeped to life movie-style. Cue frantic scrambling and dramatic medical efforts. Two months later he was in physical rehab, supported only by his mother at home on a single income that did barely enough to cover costs and food. There were many consequences to that bullet, not least of them the gradual discovery of previously unsuspected skills and abilities.

When he could walk upright without support for more than five minutes, now 15, he was given a clean bill of health to work a dishwasher job two days a week. That helped strengthen him and the money went to his mother, but it was a lot of work for very little return. One day he was approached by a regular at the diner who looked a bit in a hurry and Donny was given a package to hold. The biker then left and roared away about one block further before police cars screamed into the area and nabbed the runner.

The bag contained a gun. Corey was from the streets...he knew what was up. He held the gun in hiding because people like that do not like to be disappointed. It was two more months before the gun was retrieved and after that, Corey was regularly given odd jobs for cash by the grateful hoodlum. In time, the youth became a regular member of the group and earned more. He was a lucky criminal, or a very smart one, never once being busted.

In time, now a grown man and a full member of the Boston chapter of the Lucky Southies motorcycle club and began delivering packages along the coast as a runner. Dressed in plain motorcycle gear and a quiet manner, the biker handled his work in businesslike fashion and his packages always made it through unscathed.

Years passed and his runs stretched across North America. He helped foster two new chapters, one in California and one a more dispersed nomad group. The expansion resulted in more business, until the group was making deliveries from Mexico to Canada and between oceans. Of course, that kind of growth in that kind of business is not always unopposed.

In 2022 that opposition made itself known with several coordinated strikes against the "Luckies", resulting in a scattering of the surviving members. With the world off-balance due to Covid and so much else, Corey made a run to a small town named Haven which he knew about from his travels and and his investigation into his own heritage. Once pulling in, he laid low there for a bit to take stock of things.

Current Status and Known Problems

Three Lucky Southies MC full patch members died in a recent coordinated attack on the club suspected to stem from gang rivalries rooted in criminal competition. The club's president was killed and the vice president remains in a chemically-induced medical coma , leaving the club in a state of semi-disorganization. Seven other full members were also wounded to varying degrees of seriousness, as were one prospect and three bystanders. Hughes is one of the highest-ranking members remaining fully functional and it is suspected that he is a major player in the search for the assailants and the planning of retribution.

Intel reports that Hughes may have been subjected to a magical attack in the form of a curse that was or is restricting his full potential in some way. A working theory is that the enemy is a supernatural faction or a criminal cartel with significant supernatural interests.

This suspect is considered extremely dangerous. He is likely responsible for multiple deaths of club enemies over the years. He has twice had anticipated charges dropped due to witnesses forgetting their own testimonies. In another investigation a veteran FBI agent lost credibility when caught engaging in lewd behavior at a public playground. Hughes has never been formally charged with any crime and he is known to be a major force in the club's expansions and financial success. Extreme caution is advised.

Affiliations of Interest

The Lucky Southies Motorcycle Club (LSMC) is a small, tightly-knit organized criminal gang loosely related to Boston's Desmond King mob. The group's origins have been traced back to 1966 when five Faeborn formed it to obtain and process runaway and homeless street humans for export to The Other. In 1982 The Temple decimated the organization and closed down its smuggling operations, leaving only a few members, mostly Naturals from South Boston, tenuously held together by smalltime drug dealing and a need for mutual defense. In 1991 a powerful South Boston werewolf named Vic "Clawman" O'Rourke joined and soon replaced the existing president, holding the position until he was killed in 2022. The club slowly grew in power and revenue through drug and arms dealing as well as hiring out as soldiers. Currently, the club consists of some 40-70 full members, a handful of prospects and a gaggle of hangarounds, family members and hirelings. Much of the uncertainty to actual totals or identities can be traced to Hughes's work as a club security expert. An estimated eighty percent of these are Supernaturals and the rest Aware Naturals. While not numerically large, they have a strong reputation for ruthless and effective action.

In 2022 Hughes joined the Haven Chapter of The Hand (see related files.) It is unknown whether the move was simply a response to the attack on the club or whether Hughes is brokering a new alliance between LSMC and The Hand.

Reliable intel reports Hughes is currently dating one Eileen O'Malley, a longtime friend and exotic dancer from South Boston with known criminal associations. O'Malley was injured in the recent attack on the club and has gone black with Hughes. Her supernatural affiliations and capabilities are unknown.

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Notes on file

"Don't worry, baby. I'm gonna ride for you no matter what." - Freckles

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