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Dalton Derrion

(¯`·._.· LionHeart ø First Sword ø Martian ·._.·´¯)

Dalton Derrion

(¯`·._.·a devil chooses, a slave obeys.·._.·´¯)


Name: Dalton Derrion

Intro: an inky-black maned fellow with distinctive scars

Birthplace: Wantage, Oxfordshire. England.

Society: The Order

Sub-Faction: The House of Jupiter

The Story


As a new student to Blackfield and a young man brimming with arrogance and a self-assured confidence that he did not yet deserve, Dalton often found himself butting heads with the faculty and his fellow students. Both before and during his activation Dalton was a violent influence upon his fellow students, often finding small reasons to punish or correct them. He declared himself the ‘Lion of Blackfield’, and the Academy was to be his little domain to rule. It was a slow process, but eventually Dalton’s priorities shifted closer to protection.


When the god-child Azrael slaughtered half the Venetian Council and marched into Haven with his supporters announcing his plans to eradicate those with devil’s blood and open a portal to Hell it was the Order and Samaritans that brokered the most initial resistance as the Hand leadership threw their lot in with Azrael. It was this decision that served to make Dalton a near-lifetime member of the Order, where he fought side-by-side with his bond-sister Briar, eventually being promoted to the role of First Sword.


As time went on Dalton died, and returned from the grave, and was soon abducted from Haven by the god Jupiter, and spirited off to Anupharis, and Elvana. It is during this time that the man spent over a decade serving beneath Mars as a champion of the god. He was joined by his angel, Selene, and their relationship blossomed until a son was born. In time they returned to Haven despite the life they had built in the Realms, only for Dalton to disappear again shortly - apparently killed in a plane crash.


ø Mostly good, but not always nice

ø Always a devil, never a demon

While Dalton typically errs on the side of doing the right thing, he has shown in the past a certain flexibility when it comes to doing it in the nicest ways. The devil has proven himself more than willing to use the methods employed by the corrupt upon the innocent right back upon them.

While the most commonly accepted term for those with the shared blooded state as Dalton is demonborn he prefers the term devil himself, and goes about correcting people when referred to with other terms. Is this another archaic term that the man picked up during his upbringing, or is there a difference between the two?

ø Living on the edge of a blade

ø Sinned, scarred, shamed

To be a supernatural that attempts to control their own desires is to live your life on the edge of a blade, only ever one poor decision away from slipping into corruption and the risk that you’d be unable to claw your way out.

It is readily apparent that Dalton enjoys combat, and the suffering that comes with it - though he attempts to use this enjoyment of his for good more so than ill.

It is difficult to find a part of Dalton that hasn’t been damaged in some way or another, having made a habit of throwing himself in danger without thought for his own safety. Not every scar of his is physical and there are some beneath the surface that cut deeper than any blade.

His mistakes haunt him just as much as anything else, and despite his often self-assured words and actions they linger upon him as a weight. There is a reason, after all, that the man has not returned to the deepest parts of the Godrealm after his sudden reappearance from the grave.


"Arsonist's Lullabye" - Hozier

All you have is your fire

And the place you need to reach

Don't you ever tame your demons

But always keep them on a leash

"Never Gonna Change" - The Broods

And I hate that I can't say your name

Without feeling like I'm part of the blame

And it's never gonna feel quite the same

But it's never gonna change

"Natural Villain" - The Man Who

Used to wear it on my sleeve

Now I keep it tucked away

Let it bubble on the surface

Save it for a rainy day


"I'm... not surprised-- I sympathize." - Hannah

"You don't want me to unleash the beast. So stop your bullshit, kid." - The Wolf

"Doctor Spilsbury is a practitioner of medicine, Dalton. I am an autopsy specialist. It will take significantly more effort to find your way into my unit." - Doctor Schmidt

"You're the most annoying -boy- in school. I hate to love to hate you." - Blake

"If you would just stop undermining me at every turn, we could have productive relationship." - Dr. Spilsbury

"Everything is paid for, in the end. Nothing is forgotten." - Dr. Zmeyakov

"Blackfield's great success was my greatest failure... Another devil unleashed on the world." - Han

"No, it isn't. He is really the insufferable brat he seems to be." - Miss Smith

"Sure he's intelligent and confident and handsome and talented and wealthy, but that's not all that matters..." - Fatima Granson

"Oh my, what a big ego you have." - Briar

"Gotta say, I like Derrion's gusto." - Renfield

"Capable and proactive, a pleasant addition to our ranks." - Paula Brito

"Mr Derrion is the kind of man I can readily respect. He has no fear of death — only of Hell." - Seye Aniefiok

"They say that to become a hero is to die, I worry that this student has set himself on a path of heroism." - Professor Liscom

"The Lion of Blackfield. What nonsense. Stay out of my way while I save the world and you shall have no problem from me." - The Hero of Haven

"He's a good guy. When the police tore up Nat's place he stayed to keep her safe and support her." - Bluesy!

"Undeniably annoying but he's not a total shithead. He looked after me. He's cool for as long as it lasts" - Nat

"There are times when I want to punch your condescending mouth right in, but you've never given me a reason to doubt your intentions or your abilities. I would fight by your side again, and I continue to find reasons to think you are the most reasonable member the Order has in Haven." - Ione

"You can keep a secret right?" - Briar

"I'm not really sure you exist outside of the dream." - Medic

"So this is the name that I am stuck with." - a grouchy kitten

"You have given me the best gift anyone ever could. If these moments are all we have, in the end, it will have been with all of the bloodshed, the tears, the pain, and the heartache of getting here." - Angel?

"If she loses another Brother, I'll hurt you. And this time, there won't be anything subtle about it." - G'Mork

"A year ago, as people here see it, I was fighting to become more and I needed your guidance so badly. Now the fight is to hold on. To avoid becoming more than I can contain and I still need you desperately. One year or ten or a hundred, I hope you will continue to love what I become if I cannot." - Selene?

"I needed you so badly. I tried and tried, to reach out to you, to talk to you. But you rejected me every time. I guess, I expected more. I'm sorry that I didn't say goodbye. But in truth? Would you even have seen me if I did?" - Briar

“How doth the little crocodile improve his shining tail, and pour the waters of the Nile on every golden scale. How cheerfully he seems to grin, how neatly spread his claws, and welcomes little fishies in with gently smiling jaws! Though I don't believe you're really so threatening. No, no. You seem alright, I think you do, at least. Yes, I think so.” – Moonbeam Fernsby

"Thanks for calling me 'young man.'" - Finn "Fiona" Cambridge

"'Quod licet ingratum est. Quod non licet acrius urit,' says Ovid in his Amores. " - Luciana

""I've seen your soul before."" - Some Random Chick

"Comment." - Character