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Deacon Herveaux

Deacon Herveaux

Name: Deacon Herveaux
Age: 28
Archetype: Werewolf
Society: The Hand
Subfaction: CIA


Set upon with a Gris-Gris of nasty effect, this poor soul has been split into a dual nature that will soon drive him beyond the constraints of sanity.

Southern Hospitality

Raised in the south, under normal circumstances he enjoys being social and providing hospitality. He enjoys good company and won't hesitate to seek it or accept it for any reason or no reason.

Army Ranger

A Ranger in his military service, this guy has plenty of experience on both sides of an interrogation. Don't hesitate to take the gloves off, because he won't!

Blue Hook

There is still plenty of human and human belief left in this man. He is ""not"" too far gone, he ""does"" believe in the right and righteous, deep down. He believes his government led him to the right call, as a sniper. The fact that that is almost certainly untrue is still something slow to accept.

Deacon Herveaux

“Roll the Dice.”

Deacon Herveaux