• A lady of the midnight hours trapped in perpetual twilight. Shall it befuddle, or bewitch?

  • Name: Diana Ironwood
    Pseudonyms: Madame
    Age: 41
    Archetype: Human?
    Faction: Brothers and Sisters of Blackfield Academy and College
    Occupation: Professor of Dark Arts and Magizoology at Blackfield Institute
    Played By: The incomprable Dita Von Teese

  • Body Electric - Lana Del Rey I'm on fire I sing the body electric We get down every Friday Night Dancin and grindin in the pale moonlight Grand Ole Opry, feelin alright Mary prays rosary for my broken mind I sing the body electric I sing the body electric

    Cry Me a River- Julie London You drove me, nearly out of my head While you never shed a tear Remember, I remember all that you said

    Love Remembered - Wojciech Kilar It's your voice, perhaps It's so familiar It's like Like a voice in a dream I cannot place

    Daemonos - Daemonia Nymphe Great Jove, much-wandring, terrible and strong To whom revenge and tortures dire belong

    Hamrer Hippyer - Heilung Bone to bone, blood to blood Joints to joints, so may they be mended

    Scent of A Woman - Perlman Por una cabeza