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Douglas Meeks

Douglas Meeks

Hunter. Soldier. Rebel. Biker. Weapon.

Sex: Male

Birthdate: July 4th 1986

Occupation: Mechanic


Raised by his grandfather in the family tradition of supernatural hunting, upon adulthood, Douglas was initiated into the second family tradition: military service. After extensive injuries, including brain damage, in an incident overseas involving a supernatural terrorist, Meeks was given experimental treatment by a cell of anti-supernatural extremists who would later be one of the many splinter factions to reform the Temple. Rarely staying in the same place for long, Douglas has a stalwart reputation as a nomadic freelancer along the Canadian border and as a reliable member of the Temple Strike Force, ever eager to ride into town when needed. Though he's known for having some issues as a team player, the Temple's struggles in Haven have left them desperate for tried hands to send to the critically important seaside town, and though he was far from the top of the list, Meeks was one of the few to accept the job.


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