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Earle Cloud

(¯`·._.· Warrior ø Seer ø Lawman ·._.·´¯)

Earle Cloud

(¯`·._.·In this world the unseen has power--Apache Proverb·._.·´¯)

(¯`·._.·Agent Cloud in March, 2019·._.·´¯)


+Early Years=+

Born May 2, 1985 in McAllen, Texas, to John Cloud and Mary O'Brien, Earle was a healthy birth with no special distinguishing characteristics. John was Lipan Apache, probably mixed with some Mexicano in the family history, and Mary was an Irish immigrant off the boat at 16 in Boston with her family. They met in the Army as MP's and married at discharge, returning to John's home and taking local law enforcement jobs. This remained their home throughout Earle's upbringing even though John eventually became a Texas Ranger.

Lipan Apache

Athletic and intelligent, Earle was firstborn and eventually followed by Sam and Kelli. The boy did well in school and was active in a Native American club devoted to preserving culture and outdoor activites such as horseback riding, marksmanship, running and camping. He also placed in track events and wrestling matches. His grades are high into high school and moderately high for the final three years as the usual teenage social preoccupations began to distract him. He was a quiet child according to those who remember him, not especially popular but well-enough liked in a casual way. The most common descriptor used for the boy was 'calm'.

At 12 years of age, Earl'e father introduced him to the supernatural as part of a private coming-of-age ceremony. In the arid countryside, father and son sat across a fire from each other while John revealed that his work included investigating crimes with supernatural angles. He showed the boy the Nightmare and related their family history of spirit-seeing at it had been handed down frm his father. In one night, the boy was effectively transformed to prepare for his life as a proud warrior and spirit talker.

In June of 2003, Earle slid from high school into college, spending two years in South Texas Community College and achieving an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice. His goal was to become a Texas Ranger, he would tell people back then, and represent his heritage to modern law enforcement. In 2005, at 20 years of age, facing the prosepct of almost a decade in a ivlian police job just to qualify to become ranger, the youth changed plans and visited the local military recruiters. He later explained that his father had advised a military stint to thicken his resume and access some financial support for more college.

+The Military+

Graduation from Parris Island

Originally intending to pursue a military police assignment, Earle found himself inundated with exciting-sounding choices of action-oriented jobs that might look good on the eventual Ranger CV. In the end, he was sold by the Marine recruiter on Basic Infantryman with a Designated Marksman course to follow if he qualified. Beyond that was a vague plan to work toward a Scout Sniper assignment, the description of the stealthy marksman appealing to his concepts of his heritage.

Earle breezed through the USMC qualifications, excelled at Parris Island, completed the Designated Marksman class. He was promptly shipped out to Afghanistan to shoot at things. He eventually did two combat tours with his usual equanamity, using the time between them to gain his Bachelor's and take USMC classes that would help with his attempts to post into the desired new secondary MOS. He added skills in lnd nav, field sketching, calling supporting fire and, finally, took the coveted Basic Reconnaissance Course. In 2007 Earle was accepted into a Scout Sniper billet and scheduled for the course.

SpecOps Warrior

During the interview, Corporal Cloud was discretely probed about his Awareness. That resulted in his name being added to a special forces list of operators specializing in supernatural threats. After passing the trials of scout sniper school, Earle returned to the war as an intel gatherer and precision shooter, often called upon as part of incursions into hostile territory to against very scary enemies. In this manner, he distinguished himself as a clear-thinking survivor and a man who delivered.

After six years of service, in 2011 Earle transfered to a civilian government position with the FBI's counterterrorism unit. Here, he served in a similar role to his military career, but within the States. In time, he hoped to join the Texas Rangers, completing the long path traveled from his youth. Then, in 2019, just as he was nearing enough law-enforcement experience to meet the prequisites, the FBI sent him into Haven. Momentous things were happening, they said, and humanity's survival might depend upon intel about the threat.


Helene and Earle in early 2020

In Haven, Earle started settling into the local structure and meeting people. He soon met a woman named Helene and the two eventually became a pair and then they became married. She moved into his little cabin, which transformed from a bachelor pad and covert op headquarters into a home. This being done, the two went about their daily business, which, for the Special Agent, included collecting data.

By the time the whole Covid thing hit, along with subsequent crises, Earle had made contacts in two of the areas largest supernatural societies. He was still not much closer to knowing why power seemed to be gradually growing in Haven, but he had leads to possibilities such as Et Arel's immanent arrival. He was convinced by the state of the world and the behaviors of the societies that something ominous was close and so he continued to dig.

Skills and Abilities

ø Hobbies

ø Professional

Earle grew up running thorough the deserts of Southeastern Texas, exploring the traditions of his people. His lifelong workout hobby has left him a legacy of unusual strength and endurance. He is also a proficient horseback rider, survivalist, camper and hunter.

Having completed his education and training to qualify as a special agent, Cloud is proficient at all the usual police skills. As well, he is a passing fair negotiater and has training in less common crime management such as dealing with crowds and terrorist tactics.

ø Military

ø Supernatural

As a Marine and later a Scout Sniper Marine, Cloud bacame an expert in special forces skills and tactics. He is an excellent marksman with proven mastery of land nav, stalking, close quarters combat, parachuting, SCUBA, small unit tactics and similar commando-style capabilities.

Amongst his people are commonly-told tales of those who can see the unseen and receive visions from the spirit world. Earle has been Aware since puberty and he is comfortable with the beings and phenomena of the Nightmare and the supernatural world.


"You have given me so much. Words fail me." - Helene

"Comment." - Said Character

"Comment." - Said Character