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Edgar Boone

Edgar Boone

"Opium shot and I'm all better." Edgar while holding his head in pain.

Character Info

Gender Male
Birth Date July, 21st 1998
Birth Place Austin, Texas
Society Order
Association The Forsaken
Description a guy with sleepy eyes and wavey ash blond hair


Story Title

When it comes to who he was, Edgar was pretty normal. A mixture of a nerd slash geek whose father taught how to box. So no one bullied him and he was mostly left alone. Except when someone was targeted or bullied, they would meet Edgar's wrath. Around twenty his father died. The stress caused him to change. To become one of the demonborn. He found out when he nearly killed a jock by breaking his bones and causing him excessive suffering. He snapped out of it and took the man to a hospital. Later Orderites tracked him and he was sent to Haven's Order branch for his potential: his intelligence coupled with his demonborn powers.

RP Hooks/Abilities

RP Hooks / Abilities

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