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Edward Grimes

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Edward Grimes

a trim, dusky-haired young man
freelance photographer, investigator, journalist, copyeditor

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“In short, the world abounds with simple delusions which we may call "happiness," if we be but able to entertain them.”
H.P. Lovecraft

Character Info

Gender Male
Birth Date 1992
Birth Place Haven, MA
Archetype Human?
Society None
Affiliations Haven Courier (contract),
HSD (occasional photo work)
Aliases Ed, Eddie, Grimy


A Not-So-Important Local, a Familiar Face

Born and raised in Haven, Edward "Eddie" Grimes has seen his fair share of the weird and unsettling. Though he didn't attend Blackfield Academy - his parents made sure of that - he still got a public education, eventually electing to attend Brown University for a Communications degree.

Now, however, he's back in Haven. The degree doesn't seem to have gotten him much stable work, but his skill with a camera and his penchant for sticking his nose where it doesn't belong mean it's only a matter of time before he comes across things he shouldn't. The HSD has had him along to photograph crime scenes, and he knows better than to speak too loud about the things that lurk in the shadows.

On Coping: Basically, anything that can take his mind off the various nightmares he's encountered is free game to Eddie. It's not exactly a secret that he's got a substance abuse problem, and has put himself in many a bad situation trying to score a fix.


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“Commentary.” – Character's Name

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