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Eileen O Malley

Name: Eileen O'Malley

Archetype: Gifted - Sensitive?

Faction: The Hand - Intern

Occupation: Pole Dance Instructor/Bar Manager

Theme Songs: "Feeling Good" - Muse, "Him & I" - G-Easy & Halsey, "In the Night" - The Weeknd


+What She's Doing in Haven+

Eileen didn't have an auspicious start in life. Born in the poorest part of Boston's Southie district, her mother and father ran a pub above which the family lived. All nine of them. Eileen was the second youngest, falling neatly through that middle child crack. School bored her; she dropped out. When she dropped out of high school, her family kicked her out, and she was on the streets at 17, lucky if she had a couch to surf on. Shortly after her 18th birthday, an acquaintance letting her stay introduced her to one of Desmond King's lieutenants, and it was a no brainer for her. Stripping makes good money. Stripping and prostitution, even more, though most of it went to King. It went on like that for years. Eileen learned how to stay safe, how to hustle, how to survive in a dangerous environment. She also learned to be cynical and cold, willing to scratch her way to whatever advantage she might find. It was the stereotypical hard knock life stripper story.

One day, she met someone who treated her differently, even when she was hooking. Sure he was an older guy, but that didn't matter after after a career like hers. Regular chats became friendship, and Eileen's walls begin to lower a little. The friendship became beneficial, and the walls dropped further before friends with benefits became something more at long last. She managed to pay off what she "owed" to the pimps and strip clubs, taking a job of her own choosing as a pole instructor at a dance fitness studio. It was around then that the man and his associates were attacked at two locations, and Eileen got stabbed at one of them. Narrowly escaping the bloodshed, they ran to a small town not too far away where he could lay low and she could recover.

+Where She Fits in a Supernatural World+

Eileen began seeing auras in early middle school, shortly before the nightmares started, but she did not learn how to develop and use her Sensitivities until later while working for King. She has been around the Supernatural for years but is now entering it from a new place in life.

+How She Copes with the Lurking Horrors+

Eileen knows she has a place. In a world filled with supernaturals and unnamed terrors, she's little more than an attempt at self sufficiency. She studies what she can find. She fights where she can. Like her life before, she's just trying to keep her head above water.

RP Hooks

ø One Hook - Description

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Supernatural Outlook

ø Sensitive - Able to watch the Nightmare, dreams of those in danger or distress, studying psychic abilities

ø Noteworthy Ability - Description


"Not many constants in my life, Kitten. The club, my bike...you. Thank you for being there and for being so solid...and for being you. My ole' lady and my constant." - Corey

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