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Elias Abdel

Above all, I must not play at God.

Doctor Elias Abdel is something of an anomaly in the supernatural world. He's wealthy, holds several PhDs, and is rather young. Above all else, he's human. If this all sounds too good to be true, it is -- Doctor Abdel is a cripple, paralyzed from the waist down, and has suffered many other health issues. Whether this is because of or in spite of his roaring success for a human man is anyone's guess. Having joined the Temple, Doctor Abdel is a somewhat poor representative of what the Temple is, with a less pragmatic and more unbending moral code. Rather than hating supernaturals, he is more than willing to help them learn to control their abilities and put them to use for the greater good, while hoping to ultimately cure them of the condition so that it doesn't corrupt them.

Medicine - Elias is highly trained in the field of forensics, criminal psychology and the more traditional medicine practices. Elias sees the corruption supernaturals who live for centuries inevitably go through as a disease, and has a firm dedication to preventing it. Having been taught from a rather young age, Doctor Abdel also has taken the Hippocratic Oath, and subsequently has subscribed to a life of pacifism.

Linguist - Fluent in five different languages, Elias has a grasp even on languages he isn't fluent in. With his love for puzzles, this talent lends itself to the ability to decipher ancient texts and scripts. While the Doctor is by no means an occultist, he still has gained a great deal of knowledge by translating for the Temple. This also makes him a fine addition to any group who leaves Haven and isn't expecting lots of action.

Artist - Elias' sophisticated upbringing has led to him being a master chef, violinist, and pianist. Unfortunately, his moralizing makes him little friends, and so he doesn't find much time to put these skills to use and perform. Still, whenever he isn't wheeling himself out and about town, he unwinds, and it helps him concentrate on solving the mysteries he's so fond of solving.


"I'm still watching you." - Adversary

"Even from the ashes of the Devil's darkest acts, a seed of good may sometimes thrive. Such is the majesty of God's plan, Dr Abdel, and I hope that one day you come to see it in our work, just as I have come to see you." - Captain Seye Aniefiok

"We should play chess sometime, Doctor." - The Hero of Haven

"I am surely insecure about my chess game, Doctor." - Gage

"don't worry, we will do our best to get you well, even if..." - Jennifer Smith

"You play violin so beautifully. Can I hear the piano next?" - Kate

"He's got it all. Handsome, rich, smart as fuck, and has people who value and care about him. Yet, he's robbing himself of happiness. Ain't that some shit. You could have it all and still have nothing. That's what keeps me up at night." - Natalie Williams

"What's Temple going to do with all that cocaine now? I'd probably find it funnier if I was there to watch the moral quandry it's bound to stir up in your Director. Maybe I will be. Think your device will work?"- Teresa

"I'm going to have one hell of a time with you." - Alaric

"I've missed hearing your voice, Doctor. We'll need to have another of our chats soon." - Cora