• Born in Bray, Ireland, Elinor is the seventh born in a family of seven children. Out of her siblings, she is the only one who displayed any form of supernatural abilities, coming into some of her powers at the age of nineteen. Despite being a late bloomer within the supernatural world, she had always been prone to preternatural luck. As a teenager, she held awards in fencing, archery and equestrianship and became a member of the 4-H community whose motto is "To Make The Best Better" -- joining at a young age and applying for membership to the All-Stars at the age of sixteen. She joined the Defence Force, Army division, when she was eighteen. At twenty-four, she left service for the Reserves. It was during her time in the Army that she had fully realized her supernatural powers, and utilized them on missions where needed. It proved to serve her well.

  • Luck has a way of changing, and the Fates are often fickle. Something happened that changed Ellie's life enumeratedly. It began after she'd turned twenty five...

    Requested by her father to come to Haven, Ellie's hope is to draw upon the strong supernatural forces found in the otherwise sleepy little town to help figure out what has caused her luck to sour, and break her hex. To most people, she will simply tell them that it was to see the world, and laugh about how she went from one sleepy little town to another, in hopes of broadening her world view.

    With her powers growing daily, there are still human insecurities plaguing the woman, and one of them is how much of a monster she will become should she successfully break her curse, and how much of a monster she is now, considering the way in which she intends to break it. Will it end up breaking her, instead?

  • Name: Elinor (Ellie) Mae Murphy
    Intro: an auburn-haired woman with Persian blue eyes
    Birthdate: December 27, 1990
    Archetype: Faeborn
    Society: The Hand
    Occupation (Mundane): Saleswoman at Old World Jewelers
    Occupation (Supernatural): Arcanist
    Notable Characteristics:
    Notable Mundane Accomplishments:
    Notable Supernatural Accomplishments:

  • Hexxed

    Murphy's Law has a special place in her vernacular. Not just because its her last name.


    The term 'Luck of the Irish' may stir up bad memories, but she is prideful of her heritage.


    But is it all a facade? Ellie is very well put together in public. But is she the same in private?

    Mind over Matter

    Ellie has a particular set of skills that she tries to hone in on, while battling her curse.

  • Become the Beast - Karliene

    To capture a predator, you can't remain the prey.

    You have to become an equal, in every way.

    A Little Wicked - Valerie Broussard

    There's a serpent in these still waters, lying deep down

    To that King I will bow, at least for now

    One of these days a comin', I'm gonna to take that boy's crown

  • "Every time I hear Eleanor Rigby I think of Elinor Murphy. Because of reasons."
    The Ringleader

    "A comment."
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