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Eoghan Sionnach

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Eoghan Sionnach


Sex: Male
Birth Date: April 28th (Approx.)
Race: Celtic and Roman
Occupation: Sometimes
Theme Song: Theme Song Title


Master the secrets of fleshforming and so become a god.


Eoghan is a powerful son of the god Somnus, who began shaping the Dreamscape as a sorceror even before perfecting his fleshforming. The demigod has inherited his parent's appreciation for the netherworld as well as working often with ghosts to learn more of the afterlife. He is often moving, following some new path of learning and experimenting with Creation in the Dreamscape.


A God of Dreamworlds
Accomplished Warrior
A Wanderer and Scholar
Wielder of Godlike Magics


Eoghan's mother, Aoife, was a wild and beautiful Celtic noblewoman who was taken by Somnus on a whim when he met her in the Dreamscape. She was gifted by the god with the memory of the encounter and she knew with whom she had laid, knew who had fathered her son. He was named a strong name and raised to sword and horse, but as he neared adulthood he changed, becoming heroic in combat and increasingly magical in nature.

Using what she remembered, Aoife searched the dreams and found Somnus, or perhaps he found her looking for him. He listened to her plea and was disposed to grant guidance for the boy. Eoghan was given access to the Godrealm and the dreamscape, gifted with training and teaching commiserate with his talents and his heritage.

When the older Council members in Roma moved offworld around 300, Somnus chose to spend more and more time in the Dreamscape with his creations. Eoghan went there as well, studying the ways of those places and of the darker magics that were used by his divine family. In time, the youth grew strong enough to be used by his father for tasks and his skills and experience grew over the centuries.

In the times when Earth was still young and mostly primitive, Eoghan traveled. He knew druid and king, viking and samauri, Fae and witch. He was a familiar figure in the Dreamscape as well as on Earth and other worlds. Like Somnus himself, Eoghan spent little time mixing in the affairs of the House, but he did work at times for favors and he occasionally fought for a friend or project. It was not always pretty by some standards, but he did not judge pretty with any yardstick but his own.

He was delivering a problematic vampire to the Circus in the late 1700's when he met Orlaith ni Rioghnach, a Faeborn wild child traveling with the Hosting of the Sidhe. They were an immediate hit and were married in an old tradition during Litha in the midsummer of 1800, when she was 26 and he, a little over 1600. Partners in crime and pretty much everything else, the two began their journey by rounding up a string of normals to gift the Fae that had hosted their meeting. After that, they moved on as partners in a lucrative business devoted to brokering and fulfilling unusual needs.

Moving to Haven, Massachusetts for unknown reasons, the couple and several powerful friends seem to be gathering for some reason that has certain circles concerned. Surveillance will continue due to this circumstance until we have reliable answers.

In early 2020, Eoghan joined The Contract, a mercenary group working out of Haven. With this resource at his back, he returned to The Godrealms and began the process of evicting the Freeborn terrorists from Rhagost in the name of the gods. The Contract renewed its vigor under his command despite the exodus of a couple of its strongest fighters. He extended his operations to include Northgard and build a solid base on Earth. He opened a path to the Court of Somnus in the Dreamscape as well, and could frequently be found there assisting with the daily round.

Caelia and Eogath
It was during this period that Orlaith had to leave town to deal with pressing company business. Over time, the two drifted apart amicably. Then a slave from old Roma, once owned by Eoghan, swept through time by forces unknown, found her way to the Court after wandering the Dreamscape. Once reunited with her lord, Caelia became a regular as though the centuries had not passed. They grew closer this time, though, and eventually the pair became a couple, then married.

Currently, Eoghan Sionnach is working with the Venetian alliance his group is assigned to, continuing his fight in the Godrealms and working in the Dreamscape on various projects. He has recently gotten a new assignment from Somnus, according to rumors in supernatural circles, but no further information has been garnered.



"Thanks for the rescue!." - By Earle

"I swear by the gods, Eoghan, I'm going to end up smothering you one day. Love you!" - Orry

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