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Ethan Thurston

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Name Ethan Thurston
Archetype Human - Special Deputy
Age 36
Occupation Special Deputy, HSD, and Painter
Theme Song Thrice - Red Sky

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What I'm Doing in Haven

Originally from Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, Great Britain, Ethan came to Haven after his uncle, George Bradburn, was officially declared dead. As the primary inheritor of his uncle's New England estate, he decided to settle in America, eventually buying a home for himself in Haven.

Where I Fit in a World of Monsters

Ethan lived his life before Haven as a simple fisherman on the North Sea, but his family has a history of tragedy and mental illness. Ethan sees things that should not be seen; usually in dreams, but sometimes in the waking world.

Now, Ethan has had his eyes truly opened, and has chosen to join the Department in hopes of standing between humanity and the truth that he's found.

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RP Hooks

  • Ethan's Dead (?) Uncle George - George Bradburn disappeared in 2010, his fishing boat found empty off the shore of Haven. He wasn't officially declared dead until 2017, as no body or proof of death could be obtained. Ethan believes that George Bradburn may not be dead, but has no idea what the truth may be...
  • Arts & Crafts - Ethan is an artist, with some talent for painting and wood carving. He also dabbles in writing fiction and poetry, but has yet to have any works published.
  • Seeker & Dreamer - Ethan is fascinated by inexplicable things, the imagination, and the world of dreams, though he doesn't fully understand the latter.
  • Nice Bloke - Ethan tends to be interested in helping people, even relative strangers.

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“I will stand beside you, Mr. Thurston. The Order always will.” - Miss Rosenberg

"Maybe it's for the best that we never got close. You're a good man, a pure man. I'd have hated to fuck that up, somehow." - Luci

"Be less of a creep." - Anonymous Goth Girl

"Signing Anonymous Goth Girl, you sound like the creep, but I disgress. Thank you for everything Ethan. You helped me and Storm a lot. Love having a room at your place." - Aeria

"You opened your heart and home for me, both you and Marnie. I will always remember. You're something else Ethan Thurston" - Elle Phoenix

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